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Episode 38 Casino VIP Lounge access, should it be "free?"
January 10, 2018 Michael Mason Trager
Today on ZorkCast we are going to talk about Casino VIP Lounge Access. Should it be “free” Well, there has been a lot of talk recently about the changes and the Total Rewards casino loyalty program for 2018 and one of the changes announced before some of the other significant changes for 2018 was that Caesars would now be charging the vast majority of Diamond Total Rewards members for lounge access. For a long time, once you became a Total Rewards Diamond member you would gain access to lounges without paying, and that membership would be good for; usually, more than a year, depending on when you qualify. Tune in as we discuss what you get access to in the Casino VIP Lounges and why companies should allow for extra time when implementing major changes to reward programs. All this and more inside today’s episode.

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