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Episode 42 What is Discretionary Casino Comp
January 19, 2018 Michael Mason Trager
Today, we are talking about discretionary casino comps. For those that are not aware of what a comp is, that’s short for complementary and is a term used in casino environments to talk about items that you are given for free based on your casino play (or "action"). But what is a discretionary casino comp? Well, a discretionary casino comp is a comp that does not come out of your comp point balance. In this episode, we delve into exactly what discretionary comps are and give you examples of how they work in a casino environment. We discuss why casinos employ the discretionary comp system, some differences between discretionary comps and exactly how to ask for them. By the end of this episode, you will have a better understanding of these comp systems and know why sometimes being forward and asking for these comps is a good idea!

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