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Episode 45 Dissecting a Casino Promotion or Casino Comp Offer
February 23, 2018 Michael Mason Trager
Today on the show, we are dissecting a Caesars casino promotion /comp offer. A lot of times, people get promotional offers – whether they are from the travel, hotel or casino industry – and quite often there are so many terms and conditions that the deal can be a little bit confusing. Understand how to go about using an offer effectively, to get whatever the award is by signing up for that offer. In this episode, we’ll be looking into the nitty gritty of a casino promotion where we discuss everything from signing up for promotions, cancellation policies, booking online and daily resort fees. I’ll also be sharing some tips and advice on how to maximize your tier points when booking reservations and share the reason why you should always document, document, document!

[Interesting, maybe GREAT] Caesars Las Vegas Hotel Deals + 1000 Tier (per night) Bonus

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