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Future Skills - Future Workplace Skills

AgylisANZ - John Driscoll

Podcast Chanel series for individuals, and the Corporations they work for, devoted to 'Future Business Skills & Future Workplace Skills'. Content targeted to professionals in HR, Learning & Development, Corporate Executives, Business Leadership, People Managers and career focused professionals. Getting the Skill mix matched to the Business strategy. How to understand, define and measure skills - yours and the business you work in. Subjects will include - Define and refine the skills you have now + the skills you will need in the future. How to find a 'Skills-Gap' - your own, and the Businesses. Future Skills to enable: Internal Employee Mobility | A Skills Taxonomy | Transferable Skills | Future Business Skills | Up-Skill & Re-Skill | Future technology skills (AI, Data Science and Machine Learning) | Fix the Skills-Gap. Our motto - Power-Up your own Future - After all, It Features You! This Show is seeking sponsors for the series - if your business has skills based learning technologies, or is closely aligned with Learning and Skills and interested, please reach out - Thanks.

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