Diary of an Apartment Investor

ATE-Rules to Analyzing Apartments with Tate Siemer and Don Spafford

June 07, 2021 Brian Briscoe, Tate Siemer, Don Spafford Episode 143
Diary of an Apartment Investor
ATE-Rules to Analyzing Apartments with Tate Siemer and Don Spafford
Show Notes

Some rules of thumb when analyzing apartments and some overlooked pieces of due diligence with Tate Siemer and Don Spafford.

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Originally aired on Jun. 07, 2021

Tate Siemer
Tate Siemer is the visionary behind GreenLight Equity Group. Tate’s passion is improving (value-adding) high-density, multi-family developments and existing apartment buildings in such a way that  maximizes value of communities in order to provide solid, consistent returns to investors and well-being to residents. Tate’s real estate roots extend back 15 years to when he bought his first multi-family property-a 110 year-old duplex in South Salt Lake City. He has since been a been a principal in over 40 transactions, and an agent in over 45 investor transactions.  He has a vision for sleek, clean, and modern remodel design elements which nicely allows for powerful re-branding and repositioning. Tate works with sellers, wholesalers, lenders, money partners, contractors, and many other contacts to coordinate a robust set of industry relationships. He hosts “The Apartment Guys Podcast” and serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Real Estate Investor Association. He enjoys helping fellow investors and entrepreneurs through mentoring and coaching. Tate’s other passions include big-mountain skiing and mountain biking, music, and hiking with his dog, Joey.
Visit his website  Investwithgreenlight.com 

Don Spafford
Don Spafford has a background in finance and investing, graduated Cuma Sum Laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with 4 majors. He has worked the past 17 years in the investment industry. Prior to the 2008 market crash he was studying to take the CFA and CPA exams but realizing the financial industry was not completely stable he had a change of heart. He started learning more about real estate in 2011 when his Wife became a Realtor and began working with investors. He and his family moved from Omaha, NE to Idaho Falls, ID in 2015 for family reasons. It was there that he began investing in Real Estate, purchasing a fourplex for his first investment property. He has since purchased more in other states and is jumping into commercial real estate. He also enjoys helping others just getting started in REI. All while still working a full-time job.
Connect with Don on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-spafford-5887867/
visit https://ctrfinance.com/
or Email CTRrentalproperties@gmail.com


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