Ordinary people's extraordinary stories

Irish Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne

September 21, 2022 Tim Heale and a host of Extraordinary people Season 3 Episode 116
Ordinary people's extraordinary stories
Irish Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne
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The Tim Heale Podcasts S3 E116 Sandie Byrne

I am a Psychic Medium, a trait passed down through many generations of my family. I grew up with a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother
who were both readers, in fact generations before them were readers too. Being born into these generations of readers allowed me to grow up with no barriers against, no inhibitions towards and no doubts about the existence of an afterlife and an ability to predict your life path.

We all are brought up in different environments, and I quickly recognised through sharing my ability with others, that people began to seek me out to help them to move beyond grief, hurt and confusion.

For years I have been sharing my abilities with people across many countries and continents and I have managed to build my reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of my generation, and I am proud to have even been compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett.

I have been voted Irelands Medium of the Year for the past two years and in 2022 I received the Irish Enterprise Award for Best Psychic & Medium Readings.

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(Cont.) Irish Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne
(Cont.) Irish Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne