Ordinary people's extraordinary stories

US Teaching Young People Through Baseball Dan Clouser

September 25, 2022 Tim Heale and a host of Extraordinary people Season 3 Episode 117
Ordinary people's extraordinary stories
US Teaching Young People Through Baseball Dan Clouser
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The Tim Heale Podcasts S3 E117 Dan Clouser

Dan is an author of three books and counting.

After 30 years of successfully leading a nonprofit youth sports organization in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Dan and his wife, Sandy sold their house and all of their stuff in August of 2020.

They now live full-time in an RV traveling the country with their golden retriever, Youkilis.

Working around Dan’s speaking schedule, they volunteer at various locations, help others, and tell the stories of their travels and those they meet through blogging, social media and podcasting. 

He has dedicated his life to serving God by giving back and helping others, and has no regrets.

I am an Author, Blogger, Podcast Host, Speaker & Consultant

I founded and ran a nonprofit youth sports organization for 30 years called the Berkshire Baseball & Softball Club, which later became the BIG Vision Foundation.  We ran teams, tournaments and a 130 acre sports complex.  I loved every second of what I did.  I loved working with kids and teaching them leadership skills and life lessons through sports and community service.  I thought that I would have died doing what I loved.

Then in 2019, I felt a calling from God for my wife, Sandy, and I.

We decided to leave our comfort zone and start a new journey.  A literal journey, selling most of our material things and setting out across this beautiful country in an RV with our golden retriever, Youkilis.  Sounds crazy, but it was also destined to happen.  You see I was raised by a hippy named Loretta Magary, she was a free spirit who quit her job and embarked on her own journey in the mid-1980’s. Her journey started in a 1967 Plymouth Valiant with the back seat removed to make a bed and a .38 Special for protection and later evolved into a 1978 Toyota camper.  After she passed away in 2005, we were able to experience a small part of her journey by going through her old photos and letters.  The people that she met along the way were amazing.

I’ll be conducting speaking engagements and writing more books during our travels.  More importantly, this is our chance to continue my mother’s legacy of giving back through volunteering.

We will tell the stories of the people that we meet along the way.

This is truly “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” and as Michael Franti says in the opening verse of his song, “Gloria,” “When many little people in many little places, do many little things, then the whole world changes.”  It will be our job to share and tell the stories of those “Many Little People” through this podcast and my writing.  Some of the people that we interview may be famous, most will not be, but they’ll all have a story to tell about the difference they’re making.  Some stories will still have a sports theme, others spiritual, some will be about music, others about food, some will talk about travel, but all will be about the many little people, in the many little places who are doing the many little things to make the whole world change.

We pray that you enjoy these stories and are inspired to do your own little things to make this world a better place for all of us.

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(Cont.) US Teaching Young People Through Baseball Dan Clouser
(Cont.) US Teaching Young People Through Baseball Dan Clouser