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Discover the Magic of Passive Income with Kathy Jang

May 15, 2022 Yonah Weiss Episode 232
Weiss Advice
Discover the Magic of Passive Income with Kathy Jang
Show Notes

Kathy's goal is to enable busy professionals to gain greater control of their time by achieving financial freedom through investing in multifamily real estate. The creation of passive income streams allows investors to untie their earnings from their most precious resource - time. Meaningfully, Kathy's vision is to accomplish this while also creating an impact and serving the communities in which she is invested.


[00:01 - 07:18] The Jump into Real Estate Investing

  • Kathy shares how she got into real estate investing and syndication
  • From not understanding syndication to becoming successful

[07:19 - 21:54] The Way to Achieving a Meaningful Life

  • When you step out of the regular 9 to 5, strive to keep the ball rolling.
  • Being a real estate professional can be difficult because you have to balance your time between work and family.
  • Kathy discovers passive income to be a much more peaceful way of life, enabling her to have a lifestyle that matches her priorities.

[21:55 - 31:16] THE FINAL FOUR

  • What is the worst job you ever had?
    • Flipping burgers
  • What’s a book that you’ve read that’s given you a paradigm shift?
  • What’s a skill or talent that you would like to learn?
    • Martial arts
  • What does success mean to you?
    • Freedom and impact

Connect with Kathy

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathyjang/ 

Website: https://www.diamondpointhomes.com/ 

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Tweetable Quotes:

“It [passive income] has enabled me to have a lifestyle that is so much more meaningful to me and has made me that much more passionate about just educating people about it as well." -  Kathy Jang

“It's about impact. It's about freedom. It's about what we can do, but not about money and not about stature.” -  Yonah Weiss

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