The Real Way to Build Brand Loyalty - Andy Hooper, President of &Pizza
Restaurants Reinvented: Putting Growth Back on the Menu
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Restaurants Reinvented: Putting Growth Back on the Menu
The Real Way to Build Brand Loyalty - Andy Hooper, President of &Pizza
Sep 05, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11

Andy Hooper, the President of &Pizza, talks about all the unique ways this iconic and beloved DC-based pizza brand builds loyalty & trust with their tribes, communities, and customers. Andy also talks about how they're accelerating their growth plans during the pandemic and doubling-down on digital.

As one of the first all-in restaurants to stand up text messaging, their "do the right thing" people-first philosophy is paying dividends, as evidenced by 600% increase in digital sales for some of their suburban pizza shops during the pandemic. 

From promotions like Hero Pies to chanting for Bryce Harper to strike out - this is one brand going way above and beyond and “doing well by doing good.” 

Key Status & Quotes: 

  • All-In on Texting: "During COVID our run rate for the number of text conversations has quintupled; and the number of new registered users coming into the top of the funnel has tripled versus the run rate pre-COVID."
  • Small But Mighty: “We have about three and a half times the number of registered users per pizza shop than Chipotle … that are interacting with the brand in that digital sphere and we've seen that contribute to sales … suburban pizza shops like the one in Bethesda for example are seeing digital sales 600% higher than last year as a result of that.”
  • Hero Pies: With the help of our community partners and sponsors, today we've provided over 75,000 Hero Pies for hospital workers,, and we’re closing in on $800,000 in donated value from the company out to the community.  With Citibank’s contribution we did close to 20,000 pies … and with Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen we sent  4,000 pies in a day to a hospital in Harlem. 
  • Genius Bryce Harper promotion: Last fall when Bryce Harper returned to Washington DC for the final series ... We decided to create a flash sale where every time Bryce Harper struck out, you could text #You’reOut to our text line and we’d automatically kick-back a code for a $3 pizza. We got 3,000 text messages in 60 seconds and all of Nats' park was chanting, “we want pizza.” And then you imagine 17,000 fans all texting our text line at the same time.

Andy began his career with Burger King in the HR Department, then worked with Cafe Rio, before joining &pizza. Check out their website for new locations coming soon to northeast (NJ, NY) and well as southern VA.

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