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What Inflation is and How to Solve it | Joe Gulesserian

October 31, 2022 Greg Krino Season 1 Episode 93
The Greg Krino Show
What Inflation is and How to Solve it | Joe Gulesserian
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Show Notes

Joe Gulesserian is an entrepreneur and published author of the Practical MBA book series. The pages of the Practical MBA bring to light the roots of our economic order of today, and help explain the world around us, how we arrived here, and what might lie ahead. It is comprehensive, fast-paced, making for magnificent theatre, full of spills and chills, from stock market crashes to sovereign debt default, to the 1944 Bretton Woods reset, the IMF, the WTO, U.S. Dollar reserve, and mercantilism. Through his book, we come to meet the economic thinkers that shape our world today from Adam Smith, Richard Cantillon, John Maynard Keynes, David Ricardo, Murray Rothbard, and Milton Friedman.

After earning his MBA from Edinburgh Business School in the U.K., Joe taught Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Statistics and marketing, as an adjunct professor at Toronto colleges. You can follow Joe Gulesserian and purchase his book at

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