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You Gotta Be - featuring Devin Copfer, Liz Fisher and Sydney McSweeney
Episode Artwork You Gotta Be - featuring Devin Copfer, Liz Fisher and Sydney McSweeney 3:32 Episode Artwork S3 E5: Dr. Ken Yeager, Lead Neuroscience Researcher at The Ohio State University, talks How to Have Hope in the Face of Post Pandemic PTSD 1:01:23 Episode Artwork The Scoop on the Soul Behind Jeni's Ice Cream with Jeni Britton Bauer 55:43 Episode Artwork S3 E4: Wendy's on the Power of Social Media for Building Your Business 59:54 Episode Artwork S3 E3: The Future of Affordable Housing with Homeport CEO Leah Evans 52:59 Episode Artwork S3 E2: Cardale Jones + Dave Devillers on What You NEED to Know About NIL 1:08:43 Episode Artwork S3 E1: Cancel Culture: What You CAN Say, When It Feels Like You Can't Say Anything Anymore with Dr. Melissa Crum 48:58 Episode Artwork S2 E16: The Future of Gaming and E-Sports with Belong Gaming's Bob Morris 38:17 Episode Artwork S2 15 : Achea Redd Shares What You Need to Make Your Mental Health Healthier 1:07:41 Episode Artwork S2 E14: "Death to Mediocrity": NeoCon 2021, Interior Design Trends of 2022 and Beyond, and The Interior Design Experts of GenZ 57:40 Episode Artwork S2 E13: Crafting Change in the World of Beer - Moeller Brew Barn 42:50 Episode Artwork S2 E12: High Hopes for Cannabusiness: Featuring Zach Weprin, Certified Cultivators + Greg May, CannaRev 1:09:48 Episode Artwork S2 E11: Bravo TV's Top Chef Avishar Barua: Bringing Michelin to the Midwest: Food + Design as Art Forms to Create Experiences at Middle West Spirits "Service Bar" and Beyond 56:10 Episode Artwork S2 E10: Liminal Spaces: The Power of the Time in Between 47:27 Episode Artwork S2 E9: Stop Being Color Blind: Cheryl Durst, IIDA EVP + CEO Talks Diversity, Inclusion + Design 1:08:43 Episode Artwork BONUS EPISODE: 10 Minute Guided Meditation to Instantly Reduce Stress + Anxiety 10:10 Episode Artwork #S2 E8: How to Deal, and Heal, From Stress, + Build Resiliency So You Can Be Prepared for the “Roaring 20’s” with Marina Zaharan 55:02 Episode Artwork #S2 E7 : Columbus Is the 3rd Largest Fashion Capital in the Country, and Yohannan "Yogi" Terrell is Capitalizing on that with the Columbus Fashion Alliance to Make Our City Boom 52:25 Episode Artwork #S2 E6: What is the Future of the Physical Space? with JLL Managing Director Clayton Davis 40:09 Episode Artwork #S2 E5 : Oyauma Garrison, A Kid Again CEO, Talking Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and How You Can Be the Person Putting Smiles on Kids Faces 58:39 Episode Artwork #S2 E4 : The CEO of CoHatch Shares the Only Option for the Office of the Future, and How It Will Change Work Forever 51:12 Episode Artwork #S2 E3 : Pouring Ourselves a Cup of Ambition with Crimson Cup Coffee + Fueling Innovation in the Industry 1:05:01 Episode Artwork #S2 E2 : PART TWO: The 2021 Trends You Need to Know, and Stay Ahead Of 50:09 Episode Artwork #S2 E1 : The Top Trends in 2021 + What Priorities You Can Prepare For 54:34 Episode Artwork #14 : How to Be the Leader You've Always Wanted to Be When the World Needs it Most 51:19