The Spend Life Well Show
Tithing in Retirement
Tithing in Retirement 18:27 4 Biblical Principles of Tithing 11:15 HOUSING MARKET DECLINE: How Changes in the Housing Market Affect the Economy 14:38 WHAT WE LEARNED: 4 Lessons 2023 Taught Us 14:43 How to Build a Budget in 2024 18:55 2024 New Year Financial Checklist 15:27 7 Financial Resolutions for 2024: Honoring God with Our Money 12:46 Wintering 101: Your Guide to Seasonal Living 17:32 3 Gauges to Help You Know When It's Time to Retire 15:38 6 REASONS FOR GIVING | What the Bible says about Giving 17:32 5 Strategies for Managing Holiday Financial Stress 12:43 FEASTS & FINANCES: 3 Financial Lessons from the First Thanksgiving 10:55 Financial Safety for the Holiday Shopping Season 17:21 5 Financial Conversations You Need to Have with Your Family 16:51 The Dark Side of Home Improvement 16:31 6 Documents You Need to Consider to Preserve Your Family Legacy 17:06 UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Four Parts 19:27 MONEY 101: Introduction to Financial Planning 17:17 7 Financial Habits to Incorporate into Your Life This Fall 15:31 INVESTMENT PLAYBOOK: Understanding Different Investment Options & Strategies 18:25 5 Retirement Saving Strategies from the Book of Proverbs 17:13 SELECTING YOUR DREAM TEAM: Who You Need to Fill Out Your Financial Team 14:59 What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor? 15:28 5 Money Habits Kids Need to Learn 16:36 THE ART OF RETIREMENT: Cultivating Wealth, Wellness & Wisdom 15:46