Unplugged with Tyler Winters and John Pearman

64. William Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

January 17, 2022 William Ryan Key
Unplugged with Tyler Winters and John Pearman
64. William Ryan Key (Yellowcard)
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William Ryan Key is the guest for this week's episode! Most know him as lead singer and guitar player in Yellowcard who disbanded back in 2017 after the band's 10th studio album. But that was then and this is now. On this episode, you’re going to get to know him as William Ryan Key, the solo artist, the podcaster and a man with a new vision and a new EP.

We, of course, discuss his time in Yellowcard–the good times and the bad–as well as what it was like when the band made it big.

Check out William Ryan Key's new music here.

Interested in Ryan's podcast? Check that out here: Thank the Maker: A Star Wars Podcast

Check out Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez's project JEDHA: @jedhamusic

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Ryan has a Star Wars podcast
When did Ryan decide that music was what he wanted to do for a career?
Yellowcard talk
What was it like when "Ocean Avenue" hit big?
Ryan opens up about finances and management during Yellowcard run
Ryan's music creating style changes
Ryan's new EP, another side project that leans towards movie scores, and wanting to be known as an artist who can create for film and TV
Signing to Equal Vision Records and not wanting to tour
JEDHA (Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez) EP being released in April and LP being released soon
How to support Ryan