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Bonus Episode: Things are a mess

October 21, 2023
The Causey Consulting Podcast
Bonus Episode: Things are a mess
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"While you were sleeping / They came and took it all away / The lanes and the meadows / The places where you used to play / It was an inside job / By the well-connected / Your little protest / Summarily rejected"
- "Inside Job" by Don Henley

Key topics:

✔️ While everyone is distracted with war, conflicts, possible wars, etc., what else is going on that we aren't paying attention to?
✔️ I've warned before that Corpo America wins. Like the house in Vegas, Corpo America wins. Whether they bring in scabs or AI, they'll always figure out a way to stack the deck in their favor and their Washington cronies help them.
✔️ More on UBI, jobs disappearing, etc., that Harari openly and plainly elucidated in 2016.
✔️IMF had its meeting 10/9 through 10/15. Do you think they're focused on fiscal responsibility? Or do you think they want to generate even more debt and continue firing up the currency printing press?


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Welcome to the Causey Consulting Podcast. You can find us online anytime at And now, here's your host, Sara Causey.


Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in. I'm titling this bonus episode, things are a mess, because unfortunately, I believe they are. I was trying to decide what I wanted to put in the title bar before I published this. And I was like, well, things are just a mess. The situations around the world are just like one tangled up ball of yarn, like your kitten has been playing with a ball of yarn, your child's been playing with it, and is just completely and totally messed the hell up. I wish I could say otherwise. I know that that sounds very Debbie Downer. But wow, we not only have warfare and potential warfare, and everyone being focused on that, which to be extremely clear, I'm not saying that you shouldn't care about these other global conflicts, it's not my place to tell you that you shouldn't care. The point that I want to make in this episode is we have to just remember that these hyperlinks, they're crony politicians, the corporate fat cats, the Wall Street bankers, etc. These people are masters at sleight of hand, and they use their media sources to help them do it. So like, while you're focused on what the right hand is holding, warfare, conflicts, bloodshed, et cetera, you're not paying attention to whatever the left hand is doing. And it may very well be that whatever is going on in this left hand that you're not looking at, is going to have repercussions that might be more immediate for you, or that might be more long standing for you. But you're not supposed to pay attention to that you're supposed to look at whatever shiny object that the media tells you is important at that particular moment. Even if later, it turns out to be a throwaway bullshit narrative. Oh, well, we got the information wrong. Oops, a daisy. Oh, well, we quietly revise the numbers. Oh, well, oops, who gives me those gumming? Oh, well, and then they chuck it in the bin, you're still supposed to think whatever shiny object they present to you in the moment is the most important thing that you could possibly be focused on. Whether that makes rational sense or not, you're just supposed to go along with it. I feel like the job market is a good example here. I've used the quote before, when the guy down the road loses his job, we're in a recession, when I lose my job, we're in a depression. Again, to be totally clear, I'm not telling you to not pay attention or to not care about things that happen on a global stage. Not at all. What I am saying is that if you lose your job tomorrow, which I hope and pray that you don't, or you own and operate a business and all of a sudden, your clientele says we can't pay you anymore, or we need to push out terms we were paying net 60. Now we can only pay it net 120. We need to cut your rates, anything like that happens, it is going to have any immediate and drastic impact on your life. And yet, so many people ignore information about the job market. They may in passing on the news or if they serve LinkedIn they might hear in there. See, people are doing great, lower than 4% unemployment rate, best job market ever churning and burning. And they don't look beyond that. They don't care too. They don't often see how this information impacts their life. And so what happens when they have a job loss or things become unbearable in their current job? That's when they go out on the job market. And it reminds me of somebody walking into a party where they don't know a soul. So they just stand in the middle of the room doing a pan and scan looking for possibly a friendly face or a flicker of recognition. And they just stand there like the deer in headlights. And then they wonder well why is it so difficult to find a job? Why are remote jobs drying up? I thought churnin and burnin. I thought people were doing great. I thought we had to legit open jobs for everyone unemployed person. I thought we had labor shortage. Oh good girl because that's what I was told at And infinitum, ad nauseam, by the mainstream media, and by social media influencers and bullshit artists online. I think it really behooves you to pay attention. And to keep your finger on the pulse of whatever industry you're in. whatever company you're working for, do you have those RTO survival plan and job loss survival plans mapped out? Have you thought about these things, because in my opinion, waiting until the last minute, waiting until Oh, oh, my god, the guy in the cubicle next to me just got a pink slip, I hope I'm not Next, if you're waiting until that moment, or worse yet, they're handing you your pink slip, and telling you to put all your stuff in a box and leave, you've waited too late. In my opinion, you have waited too late to do anything meaningful. And then you're going to be out on the job market, like the person standing in the middle of a room at a party going, is somebody going to come up and talk to me? Somebody's going to be nice to me. And then you're going to discover that, in fact, the job market right now sucks. It's a bit of a hot dumpster fire. And I'm in and out of the job market every day, every day as I have been for over a decade now. And I'm telling you right now, it stinks. If you publish a job posting for a remote position, you will get throttled. It'll be like you're getting slapped upside the head. But all kinds of applicants, people who make no sense for the job, people who are way under way over, et cetera, and some of them will tell you they will use the D word desperate, I am desperate to stay remote. I have finally figured out that there aren't as many remote jobs to go around anymore. Even though I've been on the air warning you about that for quite some time. You know, they don't tune into this podcast and are listening to me. These are probably and I look I'll get hate mail for this and that's fine. But these are probably the same people that are watching nonsense on Tik Tok. They're surfing Instagram and they're watching nonsense on Tik Tok. And then they get out on the job arc and they're like, Oh, shit. Oh, I didn't realize it was going to be this difficult. Well, if you had been reading my blogs, if you've been reading the job market journal, if you've been listening to this podcast, basically ever, then you would already know these things. Back on June 14 of this year, I published a blog post refusing to hear that the job market is changing. I was interviewed by work life and the quote that they used was this. Meanwhile, for Sara Causey, a consultant who specializes in staffing and recruitment. It is the unwillingness of employees to face reality, especially as it relates to RTO. That's got her worried. I think some folks have their heads in the clouds. She said expressing concerns for staff who continue to resist coming back to the office, particularly Gen Z workers, even as job postings for exclusively remote roles are tapering off. The smart move is putting together an RTO survival plan rather than plugging your ears, your fingers in your ears and refusing to hear that the job market is changing. Causey Ward, but that I wanted to write that blog post because that's not completely what I said. I sort of felt like they took it as like, hey, hey, y'all, especially you young uns, y'all need to understand that it's time to come on back. And that wasn't the point I was trying to make. The point that I was trying to make is that it's the unwillingness to accept reality. It's the unwillingness to use forethought. It's this idea of putting your fingers in your ears and saying, Well, I don't hear you. I'm going to live life in an echo chamber. Because social media makes it so easy for us now. I'm going to live in an echo chamber and anything that I don't like, I just won't react with it. I won't I won't deal with it. What I actually said my full quote to the journalist, which I published here in my blog post was this. One of my biggest concerns is the unwillingness to face reality. I think some folks have their heads in the clouds, especially as it relates to RTO. And I worry that too many people will simply not be prepared for what's coming. More companies are clamping down on the remote work holdouts, and as was recently reported in The Wall Street Journal, some are offering relocation and sign on bonuses in order to recruit individuals who commit to in person work. Job openings for fully remote roles are tapering off yet I still see people posting on social media about how they will resist RTO forever, Gen Z will universally refuse to work in an office, everyone will sign a petition and so on. For me, the smart move is putting together an RTO survival plan rather than plugging your fingers in your ears and refusing to hear that the job market is changing. That's what I said. Now that I stand by, because it's like, the point there that I was making about Gen Z is the hot air and the hopium that you hear online. Oh, we're gonna resist it. Gen Z is just not gonna go back to an office at all. Right? Of course. And I put also in this blog, post a narrative leave heard from the higher and hopium crowd is that somehow, even in the face of living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with debt, we will see a massive rebellion against our to a nationwide strike. And I have been a voice in the wilderness telling you no freaking way, stood by that too. And unfortunately, I've been vindicated. Because just as I told you, these angry Slack channel messages and walk outs and petitions, they haven't done jack squat.


The people in corporate America who said you're coming back, or it's your job, they haven't changed their mind on that. And I think living in some fantasy land, it hurts you, it doesn't hurt corporate America, you see, it hurts you when you live in a fantasy land. And if all of a sudden your employer calls you back and says there's not going to be any more remote work, you either show up at an office and the next 30 days, or it's your job, or you lose your job that is going to impact you, in a very intimate very fast way. I'm sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here. But it's like looking at conflicts that are going on somewhere else in the world is probably not going to have as an immediate impact on you as a job loss. Or if your spouse comes home tonight and says, Honey, I've lost the job. All of a sudden people go into scramble mode because most people do not prepare. They don't have any kind of preps. That was one of the reasons why I decided on the last episode to talk about prepping. I actually had another episode teed up and ready to go about the influencer apocalypse. And I was getting mail from people saying, well, we miss the Saturday broadcasts and we wanted to know what you think about all this stuff going on in the Middle East. Are we getting ready to go into a hot war? We're getting ready to have Armageddon is the apocalypse coming? It's like, first of all, I don't know. But what I do know is that I can control my actions. I cannot control what happens 1000 miles away from me, but I can control my actions. If the if the war hawks say we're going to war, we're freaking going to war. That that is just a fait accompli people. I can't control that. But I can control things within my very sort of narrow part of the world here for myself and my family that I can do. Just like what I'm saying here with the war hawks decide we're going to war, we're going to war, corporate America wins. It's like in Vegas, the how the house always wins. No matter how high up some gambler might be thinking they're on a hot streak. Eventually the house wins and they lose every bit of it. It's the same thing here with corporate America, they will figure out a way to stack the deck in their favor. And they also will have their cronies on Capitol Hill help them. See this is why I keep saying corporate America, the CEOs of too big to fail companies and Wall Street bankers. They don't have to use moral hazard like you and I. They get bailed out. We don't. If we screw up royally we're expected to pay our debts. But they're not they just get bailed out. And as I was thinking about like, Okay, what all is going on, like pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. You're supposed to be watching what's happening and about Siena, Ukraina. And you're supposed to be watching what's happening in the Middle East. What all is going on here, what's happening here at home or what else might be happening on a global scale that we're not supposed to be paying attention to? And I stumbled on this video. I'll drop a link to it. Of course you can check it out for yourself. It's published by this as John Williams, it'd be super clear because you know how it is nowadays, you have to give a brief big freakin disclaimer. I don't know this man. I've never worked with this man. I'm not endorsing him. I do not know him. I've not watched every video that he's ever published. I've watched this one and I want to talk about it. And the title of it is California planning for UBI for entire state. And I thought back to an episode that I recorded earlier this year about the UK attempt at Universal Basic Income and how it got me to thinking the way that it played out there. The sort of piss poor result and the the negative experiences that people had. Is that coming to a theater near us. I published that episode back at the beginning of August and I titled it UK is Universal Credit UBI and a look at the future. And it came from a Deutsche Welle documentary titled poverty in Britain Why are millions of Brits so broke? Because the thing is they were promised that this was going to be this universal credit was going to really help them and alleviate poverty but have you ever noticed that whenever Government says we're going to alleviate some problem. It always gets worse. Like the war on drugs didn't make narcotic drug use go away. The War on Poverty didn't make poverty go away. Have you ever noticed that? Just just saying that's kind of a funny little coincidence there. He does a great job in this video of tying things together. He's talking about California's plan for universal basic income. And then he also talks about newsom's ties to the WEF, our old buddies at the web and it's like, Huh, I wonder if that is also a coincidence, huh? The government declares a war on drugs and it doesn't make drugs go away. The government declares a war on poverty and it doesn't make poverty go away. Hmm. The WEF seems to have their fingers on a whole lot of creepy pies. Oh, and then by complete happenstance, I'm sure Newsom is tied to the WEF and his talking about UBI. Hmm. And that's something, you know, kind of reminds me of that article from The Guardian that I've quoted from many times, where Harare is very clear in saying that maybe universal basic income, or some kind of universal credit system is the answer to the useless classes. Because as their jobs go away, as they get replaced by artificial intelligence, they're going to be a useless class. And so they're going to need to put on their virtual reality headsets and disappear into an alternative, alternate alternate dimension. That's much better than their pathetic peon real life was anyway. And then there you go. Problem solved of what to do with these useless eaters whenever the robots take over. Hmm, hmm. But that's rare theory I can hear in the Neo lives now that mirrors the theory, you must be so stupid, you think the moon is made out of cheese. Meanwhile, they put all of this stuff right out there on Front Street. It's it's very clear how someone can't see it is beyond me. I guess. It's like the job market, though. People don't want to give a rip about the job market until they have to be involved in it. And then they care about it very intimately. And they want to gripe and complain and fuss about how unfair everything is. And it's like, well, maybe you should have paid attention. This suddenly existing in an echo chamber, maybe you should have paid attention. Well, it's no different here with these Neo lives, I want to say everything's a conspiracy theory. You're so dumb, you must think the moon is made out of cheese. Well, shit, they're telling you, they are flat out telling you what's coming down the pike if you don't want to listen to that, because it hurts your Tinder fee fees that's on you. So as John is talking about California, and UBI, and then Newsom has a tie to the web, he shows this article, which I found, and we'll drop a link to so that you can read it for yourself, and I encourage you to do so. Don't just take anybody else's word for it, go and read these things for yourself and draw your own conclusion. He talks about this article from the WEF, published on April 17, of 2020. It's quite been quite some time ago. These past few years feel like a weird blurred Oh, they were talking about, I don't know roughly a month after the lock downs. We were not very far at all into this situation at that point in time. And the article is titled universal basic income is the answer to the inequalities exposed by COVID-19. And then you look at the day and you think, Wait a minute, we had only had the lockdowns for what like a month. It was mid March when they started telling everybody to stay the hell at home to flatten the curve and stop the spread. So I'm like, wow, how much could we really have known a month into it? a month into this there were a lot of people who were still at home, doing the honey do list and baking their own sourdough bread. Not everybody to be clear. But things have not gotten one month into this insanity. Things have not gotten as bad as they were going to get. In this we read rule number one of crisis management when you find yourself in a hole stop digging. In outbreak frenzy, several countries are considering massive fiscal stimulus packages and printing money to blunt the concurrent crises underway, the pandemic and the unraveling economic depression. These plans are essential but they need to be strategic and sustainable. Hmm, sustainable. Well, if this was just a temporary crisis, and there was only going to be two weeks to flatten the curve, why would they have to be sustainable? Because in addressing the current crises, we must avoid sowing seeds of new ones as the stakes are incredibly high. Meanwhile, what really happen there we just got rampant inflation.

What a mess. Anyway, I'll continue to read this for a second. It is time to add a new element to the policy packages that governments are introducing one we know but have abandoned universal basic income or UBI. It is needed as part of the package that will help us to get out of this yawning pit. The naysayers and there are plenty will point out that it won't work because no country can afford to regularly dole out money to every citizen, they will argue that we will run unsustainable deficits which cannot be financed. Well, yeah, does not sound like a valid point. And they so they say this is a valid concern. But whose is like Dr. Phil says everything you say before the buck gets negated. This is a valid concern. But the alternative, not strongly addressing the repercussions will result in a greater surge in inequality, increasing social tensions that would cause governments even more and open countries to heightened risk of societal conflict and quote, so it's sort of like they're, they're telling you a sneak preview of what was going to happen anyway. I mean, I'm not saying that things on a global stage were manipulated to happen that way on purpose. I mean, you could certainly come to that conclusion, if you choose to. I'm not saying it here on the air. But I mean, on this site, and if somebody else concluded that it would seem rational to me, so sort of seems like they're telling you what was already on the horizon anyway, the caution that these governments would run into unsustainable deficits, which cannot be financed, seems like a pretty reasonable conclusion to me. And all that's going to do is cause more and more inflation. The more that you fire up the printing press, and you just make more and more currency and more and more currency, it devalues that currency, the more that you have of something out there flooding the market, the less valuable it becomes. In job market terms. I've talked about this before. If an employer comes to me and says we would like to find a mechanical engineer with SolidWorks experience, and they can be anywhere in the US, that's a much different and more plentiful job search. Then if the government says we need to find this highly specialized person that has a full scope, Paulie level of clearance, oh, and they have to be within a 20 mile radius of Washington, DC, you're talking about two completely different things. What's the same thing with currency? If you flood the market with it? That the price of it goes down, the value of it goes down? I again, I'm sort of looking around. I feel like John Travolta and Pulp Fiction was looking around confused. I don't understand why that seems to be so difficult for others to understand. The mistake that I don't want you to make is thinking that these politicians and the so called economists are all dumb asses, and they don't know that they do. I believe they do. I don't think they're idiots. I don't think they're morons. I think they have a very good grasp on what's going on. And it seems to me, I could be wrong. This is just my opinion. And it could very well be wrong. And I hope it is. It seems to me that they are hell bent on driving this economic jalopy right off a cliff. I think it's being done on purpose. Another article that John references is that Newsom has approved minimum wage for health care workers, we can find this in Politico on October 13, we'll drop a link to this as well. So you can fully check it out for yourself. It reads, Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a closely watched bill that would raise the minimum wage for California health care workers to $25 an hour. And one of the things that John talks about in this video is that as you get as we get these minimum wage increases, it's going along the same lines of firing up the printing press, and just making more and more money. As he says in the video, and what I will say here, there's no argument that there are people who are underpaid. I mean, when you look at, I would say let's especially juxtapose the amount of money that the average CEO makes in relation to their workers. When you look at the the CEOs and the freaking billionaires of some of these huge companies, that employee minimum wage workers. It's just crazy. I'm not going to name any names. I think we all kind of know some of the companies that I'm talking about where it's like the, the family that owns the company, or the CEO that's in charge of it, make insane amounts of money, but then they have workers that are making minimum wage, they can't make ends meet and so they have to go on public benefits. So it's like the low prices that society thinks we're getting at the stores really aren't because we are subsidizing those stores with our tax dollars. But yet there are people that still think we don't have crony capitalism. They don't. It's like they have their blinders on. They can't, they can admit the one in the other, you get the Neo libs that are in love with the state, but hate corporate America, at least seemingly. And then you have the Neo cons that are on the opposite side of it. And it's like, they're all working together. It's called collusion. Look into it. The one one hand scratches the other one, I can promise you on that. Nobody is saying like, well, people just don't deserve to make more money. Screw these people forget about somebody on minimum wage and forget about the health care workers. No, no, no, no, that's not the point that I'm trying to make here. There are plenty of people that are overworked and underpaid, and they need they deserve to have more money for what they do. What I am saying is what I said earlier in this broadcast, corporate America always wins. Like the house in Vegas, they always win, they will figure out whatever they need to do to come out on top in the situation. So if they agree to some kind of rate hike, after employees go on strike, or after there's some kind of intervention with legislation from their politician cronies saying you need to pay these people X amount of dollars or more per hour, or you're going to be in violation of the law, corporate America is still going to figure out a way to win. Always, whether they bring in scabs that cross the picket line, or they just bring in artificial intelligence and robot employees that much faster. They will, they'll figure out a way to employ less people, okay, if you have to get 25 bucks an hour minimum to walk through the door, we'll just hire less of you. We'll have more robots and more AI to take your jobs. And that'll be the end of it. Or we'll find a loophole and hire people 1099, freelance and get folks that are in developing countries that are willing to work for pennies on the dollar in comparison to American western world workers. Hello. It's happening. Remember, there was the information about LinkedIn having layoffs. Let me let me find the exact article Hold on one second. Okay, I found it on CNBC, published on Monday, October 16th. Microsoft owned LinkedIn lays off nearly 700 employees in the TLDR key points we read. LinkedIn is cutting almost 700 employees as revenue growth has slowed over the past two years. Most of the cuts are hitting the business social networks core engineering group. Now if you scroll down, here's what you'll read. These new layoffs are in addition to the 10,000 from January, a spokesperson said LinkedIn is now ramping up hiring in India. According to the person familiar with the matter. I'm trying to tell you all corporate America is going to figure out a way to win outsourcing the jobs using AI and I'm not telling you that this stuff is right. I'm not sitting here. Like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons or something like Yes, do it. It's great. Ah, no, I'm not saying that. I am trying to tell you like a town crier and the days of old Hello. Hi, this is happening.


I'm not controlled up. Oh, man. I'm not gonna sit out here be like we're really giving it back to these globalists. I can't even say that crap with a straight face, y'all. If we get orange MAN back in there, he's gonna change and he's gonna drain the swamp, everything's gonna be different. No, hell no. To the No, no, no, no, I don't see that happening. I think that the wheels of progress on the whole agenda 2030 and build back better, and you've got nothing on TV be happy. I think all of that stuff is it's far too gone this point. For for a change, I think the best thing that you could do, again, just my opinion, and it could be wrong. I think the best thing that you could do is just batten down the hatches and prepare, figuring out what you are going to do for yourself and your family. Figure out the game that they're playing and try to deal with it as best you can. But any of this nonsense about we're really we're, they're scared of us and the world is awakening. And people are really changing. I don't freaking think so. I think a lot of people will go into this next phase of whatever the fourth industrial revolution or whatever the hell they're calling it, people will just go right into it with their cell phones with their tick tock with their Instagram with their Snapchat and as long as they have that device super glued to their hand. They're not going to care. And it'd be thinking about what's on Hulu and Netflix and not giving a damn about privacy, safety, security, any of that stuff. On a personal level. They're not gonna care. Maybe that sounds highly cynical of me. I don't know. I just telling you my opinion, which again, could be wrong. And frankly, I hope it is. So John segues from talking about this minimum wage increase that Newsom wants to do like, Hey, isn't this great for the health care workers, there have been these strikes there have been these walkouts, maybe this is going to be a great way to solve the problem. And maybe 50 years ago, maybe even longer than that, maybe 6070 years ago. Yes, probably. So when we think back to the labor unions have old when we think back to the old fashion strikes, when there weren't these these AI bots and robots and pieces of tech and code just didn't exist. To be able to take somebody's job. If somebody crossed the picket line. It was a flesh and blood human scab that did it. Yeah, maybe. So maybe all of these workouts and walk outs and strikes at work would have presented a different and better outcome. Now, I just think corporate America is going to win no matter what you freakin do. So John, segues from this deal about Okay, so the minimum wage is set to go up for these healthcare workers. He pulls an article also from the web. Now this one is dated November 11, of 2016. So think about how long this shit has been in the cooker. The article is titled healthcare in 2030 Goodbye hospital Hello, home spittle. And when I saw this and he was talking about in the video, I was like, Oh my God. Think about how ubiquitous telehealth became during the pandemic. And to be completely transparent. To be totally honest here. I'm not against telehealth, I have used telehealth myself on numerous occasions. That's like one time I was trying to move around the bed. I was doing some painting back in one of the bedrooms. And I was trying to be Billy the badass I guess and just move the bed and the mattress around from the wall myself. Well, I got my leg. Don't ask me how I did it. It happened so fast. I don't really know how I did it. But I got my leg caught between the mattress and the metal bed frame. And it smashed the ever loving holy hill out of my shin. And I got this big nasty hematoma. And I'm like, is this a blood clot? It looked terrible. I'd never seen a bruise like it before on my body in my life. And so I use telehealth, I'm like, I don't want to go to a clinic and run the risk of getting some serious illness just to have a doctor look at a bruise and tell me is the bruise. Okay, is this a blood clot? Like what is actually happening here? So it was nice to be able to just get on a video chat on telehealth, put the phone camera down there on my leg, explain what had happened and then be told, Oh, that's a hematoma. It will dissolve it will go away. In the event that it's something more serious. Here's the symptoms you need to look for. I'm not hating on telehealth. Just whenever I saw this headline about goodbye hospital Hello home spittle. I was like well, yeah, they've already laid the groundwork for that by making telehealth so much more accessible to people. In my opinion, it should have always been but now it really because of HIPAA. It really has become ubiquitous. So many people now have access to telehealth that either wouldn't have used it before wouldn't have felt comfortable using it but they couldn't afford it. Things have changed so much already. But But think about this goodbye hospital Hello home spittle. Some of these jobs the more that we see that these hospitals and it's already starting in rural areas of the country by the way, the more that we see these hospitals going away. What do you think is going to happen to replace those? In this article, I'll read medicine 2030 Goodbye hospital Hello home spittle. However, when I look towards the future, I see a very different trajectory who needs a hospital when you can prevent or treat conditions from the comfort of your home. The Global Burden of Disease is largely vascular with heart attacks and strokes are the biggest cause of death around the world and therefore preventable with a better understanding of risk factors. Rates of traumatic injury are falling and will continue to decline as we introduce driverless cars and robot workers for risky tasks, driverless cars, and robot workers for risky tasks. And really 80 is the new 60 with all of the regenerative options on the horizon. By 2030, the very nature of disease will be further disrupted by technology, so disrupted in fact that we might have a whole lot fewer diseases to manage. The fourth industrial revolution will ensure that humans live longer and heal Fear lives, so that the hospitals of the future will become more like NASCAR pit stops than inescapable black holes, you will go to the hospital to be patched up and put back on track. Some hospital practices might even go away completely. And the need for hospitalization will eventually disappear, not by 2030. But soon after, and quote, they're putting it right out there for you. Now I'm in a good marriage, the very I can literally already feel the energy of mansplain errs and Neo lives entity conspiracy theory. Like it's freaking there. It's on the World Economic Forum website, you can read this for yourself, I'm not making this up. I didn't sit here and and write this myself and claim it's on the web, go look for yourself, introduced driverless cars and robot workers for risky tasks. So what do you think's going to happen in these industries, where we see these walkouts, and believe me, I'm not saying that I don't support what they're doing. I support the spirit and the intention behind it completely. I'm also not saying that I don't support unions. It's the same thing there. I support the spirit and the nature the goal, the desire of what these people are doing. I'm just your friendly neighborhood cynic. I guess that's not you're saying it's not gonna work. Corporate America will figure out a way to win, whether that's having human scabs cross your picket line, or whether that's bringing in AI and robots. Hey, we won the day. We got this pay raise. We got more time off and isn't it great? Yeah, for now. For now, but they're telling you what's coming driverless cars and robot workers. And I mean, hey, 80 is the new 60. So soon, your local clinic and your hospital is going to be like a NASCAR pitstop. So they're gonna get you back right out, you're gonna have five minutes with your medical clinician, and then you're gonna be shoved back out on the street instead of going into an inescapable black hole. Meanwhile, I'm like, the way that the medical system treats people right now, when is an inescapable black hole anyway, when I went, I felt like I was having a heart attack. So second time, I went to hospital with the strep. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I thought I was going to die. Now was awful. I have a friend who had a heart attack last year. And they gave him fentanyl. And I understand why because the pain when you have chest pains like that it's excruciating. It's horrible. I thought I was dying. And it was like them enough could not get me out of there fast enough. I mean, they took care of me. They, they did test after test after test. So I'm not. I'm not saying like the individual people wanted to hurry up and get me out of there. What I'm saying is, that's how the system is. It's like, well, I mean, here you go. And we ran the tests. And we don't really completely know what's wrong with you. We think it's just now that you've tested positive, supposedly for the, we're just going to shove you out the door and send you on your way and good luck. If you feel like you're having a heart attack again, just come back. And it's like, What the hell kind of answer is that?

I guess I've just not had the experience of feeling like I was trapped in a hospital and it was an inescapable black hole. To me it already feels like it's a NASCAR pitstop. So how much worse will it be later, when there's robots and driverless cars and all that? You've got five minutes, you have approximately five minutes to tell your healthcare provider what's going on. And then you're getting the hell out a robot will grab you by the arm and toss you out on the street. You have to laugh rather than cry, I guess. So I found this video to be very interesting. And especially for me, since my Bellwether is the job market. It's like people need to be paying attention to these things. They're getting all wrapped up in, in these global problems that I'm not saying are not important. I'm saying they're not as immediately as important to you in your personal life, as if you or your spouse loses a job today, and then all of a sudden, it's like, oh, shit, well, maybe I should have paid attention. Well, yeah, maybe you should have. Maybe you should have. John also talks about the minimum wage going up for fast food workers. I'll drop a link to the article that's in the Associated Press. New California law raises minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 per hour among nation's highest. Same concept there. What do you think will happen in these fast food restaurants? Do you think that they will be fully staffed with human workers making $20 an hour minimum Just to walk through the door? Or conversely, do you think that more and more of these fast food chains will go to automated services where you walk up to a kiosk, you place an order. And then there might be one human in the back making sure that nothing goes wrong with the technology, and doing anything that maybe the robot still can't at this point. And then your food will just come out through a trolley system, and you'll pick it up, and then you'll go, those types of fast food joints already exist. So again, at the risk of sounding very cynical, I find it hard to believe that you're going to go past fast food, fast food joints, and they're all going to be fully staffed with humans making $20 An hour or more into the foreseeable future, I think the day is going to come and it's probably not that far away. When we do see more and more robotics, and here's going to be the excuse. Well, you peons demanded the money. And you ramrodded this legislation through to make sure that you got this exorbitant amount of money from us. And so we just couldn't afford it. It was just cost prohibitive. There's no way that we could sell a hamburger to somebody for less than $20 per burger, because of the wages that you demanded. So in order to combat high prices, in order to not alienate all of our consumers, and flat out go out of business. Well, we had to lay a bunch of you off and replace you with robots. This is not an unrealistic, it's not like I'm sitting out here writing a sci fi novel, this could easily easily happen. It could easily be the consequence of all of this. Why? Because corporate America always wins and their cronies on Capitol Hill make damn sure that they do even if it's done by legislation. There's another article that John references right in the same vein, and it reads, bro, just pay people more internet in disbelief as White Castle and Chipotle are spending $500,000 a month on robots. While I'm not in disbelief, it doesn't shock me at all. In this we read major fast food companies such as White Castle and Chipotle are utilizing robots to greet customers flip hamburgers and brew coffee at a fraction of the expense of hiring human employees. Well, bro, the reason why they don't want to just pay people more is because look at what they just said, a fraction of the expense of hiring human employees. They show this. I think it looks like a tweet that says just in White Castle and Chipotle are spending $500,000 a month to employ robots in response to mass labor shortages. Well, I dropped a blog post earlier this past week called there is no labor shortage and all caps like I'm yelling because I am yelling, there is no labor shortage. There's not I'm saying it the same way that Ultron says there is no man in charge. There is no labor shortage. They're doing this because this is part of the game plan, you feel unknotting on TV be happy. You're going to be part of the useless class, you're going to go into your cardboard box and eat your Cricut burger and have your VR headset and shut the f up. Let the robots flip the burgers and brew the coffee. Y'all up at the peons and serfs decided that you weren't happy making eight bucks an hour and you had to have 20. And so screw you will just bring in the robots. I mean, this, this is the here and the now this is already happening just because it's like well, it's not happening at the coffee shop down the road for me in the middle of nowhere. That doesn't mean it can't happen soon. Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't happen in the near future. Look at how many predictions that I've made on my blogs or on this podcast. It might have taken six months or even a year maybe more for them to come true and for me to be vindicated yet here I am a plucky little podcast with little Oh, me and just a microphone and a laptop. And here we go. It's also worth mentioning that as we've all been focused on the warfare and the conflicts and the the further potential of the US and maybe even the UK as well getting pulled into some sort of hot kinetic warfare, the IMF slash World Bank had their meeting. I think it was last week. It was like the ninth through the whenever Sunday was like the ninth through the 14th CNBC says key takeaways from the IMF World Bank meetings overshadowed by fresh Middle East violence and hosted by a country still recovering from an earthquake. Do you think it's a coincidence that this big meeting was overshadowed? I don't think it was The week long annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank wrapped up on Saturday, discussions in the Moroccan city of Marrakech ranged from the prospects for a world economy weighed down by debt, inflation and conflict to the growing wealth gap between rich and poor countries and floundering efforts to tackle climate change. Here are the main takeaways. So in bold we find limping economy, debt squeeze debt deals and reforms, risks skewed to the downside. jostling for influence, and under jostling for influence. It's primarily about the Ukraine war. Yeah. The bottom quote here says the big theme this week is g7 countries, papering over the cracks of shattered promises, said Kate Donald head of Oxfam internationals Washington DC office, despite the wringing of hands about the billions of dollars needed to tackle poverty and climate breakdown, there has been no sign of new money in quote, well, don't worry about that, because they'll fire up the printing press. Old Yellen has already said that we can afford two wars, America can afford to finance two wars, we can we can afford to do that. And it's no problem. And I'm like, where that pills up money gonna come from? Well, from thin air. They'll turn on the printing press and just make more currency. So guess what's going to happen to inflation. It's not going to abate, it's not going to cool off. And if you think your wages at work are going to keep pace with the inflation that's coming? Well, I've got some oceanfront property here in the landlocked Midwest, I'd love to sell to you. Despite the wringing of hands about tackling poverty and climate breakdown. Yeah, I don't think I want them to tackle poverty and climate breakdown. Because anything that these governments and the central bankers put their hands to gets worse, not better. I listen, I wish I had some tidy, clean, lovely solution that I can give you to all of this, but I don't. I'm thinking about the lyrics from Don Henley while you were sleeping, they came and took it all away, it was an inside job. Please stay aware of what's going on. I'm not telling you to not care about things that are of a global nature or warfare, worrying about whether or not you might have a child that's of age to get drafted. I'm not telling you to not think about those things. And I'm not telling you that those things are not important. While you're making your contingency plans while you're doing your preps are you keeping an eye on things that would have a dramatic and immediate impact on yourself and your family? If you're ignoring the job market, you're doing so at your own risk. If you don't have an RTO survival plan and job loss Survival Plan roughed out, you're definitely doing that at your own risk. Be smart, be strategic about the things that you're paying attention to about who you're listening to. and for what reason. Definitely, if you're listening to anybody, whether it's a neocon or a NEO lib, it doesn't matter to me what side of the political fence they say that they're on, if they're worshiping the state, or they're worshipping corporate America, if everything that you hear if you can go to the WEF's website and read it in black and white for yourself and some dewfall wants to tell you that's just a conspiracy theory. That's not somebody I would want to listen to. I want to get as far away from that person as I could. And there have been plenty of people that I've unsubscribed from because I'm like, All they're doing is pushing a narrative. This person seems to be a paid shill or some kind of controlled APO. And time is too valuable for that. I don't have time for that crap. So no, I'm not gonna sit here like control, OPPO and telling you we're really we're really fighting against agenda 2030 and build back better. And the average john and jane Q Public is winning? I don't think so. Not at all. I know that sounds so bleak. I just don't think so. If it were me, I don't give you advice. I don't tell you what to do or what to think or any of that. If it were me, I would just simply say, I want to be as prepared as I can be. I don't know what's coming. I don't know. How soon are we going to have hospital versus home spittle? And how soon will all of these human beings be replaced by AI? I don't know. I don't know. One foot in front of the other one day at a time prepping as best as possible and just trying to be on guard for whatever. That's the best I can say. Just don't forget that things are a mess right now. Don't forget that these politicians and their cronies and the bankers and the fat cats. All of these people are so good at sleight of hand. Watch the shiny objects in the right hand and don't pay attention to what's going on in the left hand. Well, if you're smart, in my opinion, you want all these hands and you pay attention. Stay safe, stay sane, and I will see you in the next episode.


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