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Mat Germain visits and we talk Tampa Bay Rays Farm, Free Agents, Erik Neander, Alex Anthopoulos & Mike Zunino

November 11, 2021 BaseballBiz - Mark Corbett & Mat Germain Episode 109
BaseballBiz On Deck
Mat Germain visits and we talk Tampa Bay Rays Farm, Free Agents, Erik Neander, Alex Anthopoulos & Mike Zunino
Show Notes

Tommy & Jimmy-  baseball jobs lost, offered & pizza

1:45  - Germain gives us a deep dive into the Tampa Bay Rays farm system & who is coming up

2:50 – MiLBy awards – Rays Winners, Taj Bradley –
3:22 Taj Bradley has strong mound presence
 Bradley reminds Mat of Shane Baz
 xFIP explained - (Fielding Independent Pitching)

5:25 – Colby White ascends the Rays farm ladder through 4 levels in 2021. Could make a strong difference with the Rays pitching in next year.

6:04 – Depth of the Farm system reduces dependence on paying top dollar to experienced players.

6:45 – Most teams need a plethora of pitchers. Rays were strong with their pitcher depth compared to other teams. Not overtaxing the arms. 

8:22 – Shane McClanahan – big ask to perform again so quickly in postseason

9:20 – Durham Bulls – MiLB Team of the Year. Mat takes on Baseball America staff on value of the Durham Bulls.

10:40 – Braves, their GM was courageous

11:00 – Arizona Fall League (AFL) – Scorpions – great games but not available to be seen. Why not?“  . . . a 6 team All-Star League”

12:00 - Curtis Mead, very close to being a major league hitter. Will the Rays trade him?

13:00 – Matt Dyer & Rich Hill trades with the Mets.

13:30 – TB Rays, Carlos Garcia – made AFL All-Star game 

14:15 – How to break into the Rays Pen

14:45 – Joey Wendle – will the Rays keep this high quality and versatile player?
 Other options – Keep Taylor Walls & possibly trade Vidal Brujan.
 Joey Wendle brings the work ethic and commitment to the job.
 Kevin Kiermaier, shouldn’t he be awarded thee Golden Glove award this year. Was something slowing him down early last season.

18:00 – CBA status – Collective Bargaining Agreement expires soon. How is this impacting team ownership on their decisions to sign, extend or trade this week. What are the Rays doing to the exterior of the Trop.

18:35 – Rays have taken down the images of the Rays on the outside of Tropicana Field. Dark dirge being played early?  Let’s avoid the 1994 & 1995

20:00 – Truly – “Who’s on First?”
 Where is First Base Coach Ozzie Timmons?
 Third Base Coach Rodney Linaires is managing a Dominican League team that has Pujols as a team player.

22:00 – Rays need a seasoned veteran player leader with the team like Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols, Rich Hill. 

24:45 – Tampa Bay Rays Free Agents who should the front office bring back? Collin McHugh, Michael Wacha.
 Loss of Charlie Morton cost the Rays money, wins and leadership for young arms.
 Shane McClanahan – “I’m a Rookie”  - sounded like a need for help.

28:30 – Stu’s tight purse strings restricted Erik Neander from building a stronger team

29:50 – Mat’s Favorite GM’s – Alex Anthopoulos & Erik Neander – courage to change the face of the franchise to empower your team.

32:00 – Mark’s Rays team – who he wants back. Nate Eovaldi, Charlie Morton, Hunter Renfroe, d’Arnaud

34:25 – Mike Zunino – Rays rather smartly re-signed Zunino. He is the forgotten man when it comes to catchers across MLB. “Zunino behind the plate  . . he calls a great game” Will the Rays bring up Pinto this year to study under Zunino.

38:30 – Rookie of the Year, Randy Arozarena and Wander Franco are nominees. Franco is the best switch hitter since Chipper Jones.

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