Creating Your Happy Place

Episode 26: Home For Folks In A Wheelchair (With Guest Maegan Blau)

July 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 26
Creating Your Happy Place
Episode 26: Home For Folks In A Wheelchair (With Guest Maegan Blau)
Show Notes

Today on Creating Your Happy Place, we are chatting with special guest Maegan Blau! Maegan Blau is an interior designer based in sunny Arizona.  In 2009 she incurred a C6-C8 spinal cord injury and has been a wheelchair user ever since. She is diagnosed with an incomplete C8 spinal cord injury which has obviously changed the way she lives in the blink of an eye. As a person with a disability, it seemed the majority of options to make homes accessible were straight-up ugly and very hospital-like. It got her thinking…we can do better than this! Listen to this episode to hear all about her incredible journey.

Her interior design career started with a personal journey to renovate and adapt her first home to fit accessibility needs while having a high level of style. Combining her perspective of disability with her life-long passion for interior design fueled Maegan to find creative ways to make spaces beautifully accessible.  In 2018 she started Blue Copper Design to elevate the world of adaptive design.

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