Association Transformation

"Fiduciary” and other Nonprofit “F” Words

March 26, 2023 Brewer Pratt Solutions & Elevated LLC Season 4 Episode 72
Association Transformation
"Fiduciary” and other Nonprofit “F” Words
Show Notes

Financial! Fiduciary! Fund! Finance! Pick your nonprofit “F-word” of choice. Between bank collapses, inflation, stock market fluctuation, we had to call in the big guns this week. This week, Marc Labadie of RTD Financial joins us to discuss FDIC protections, reserves, insurance, and financial governance. As a financial adviser,  specializing in membership associations, he gives us nonprofit-specific insights into today’s volatile economic environment. Our biggest take aways:

  1. Have a standing Finance Committee.
  2. Onboard and educate both your Finance Committee and board on financial and fiduciary matters.
  3. At least once a year do a financial deep dive with your board.
  4. Have an intentional and mission-driven reserve policy.
  5. Do a risk assessment to ensure your org has the right insurance. 

But there’s lots more – plus IT’S FREE! Ya can’t say that too much anymore.

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