Raising Spirit, Raising Fashion: Paula Hian's Fusion of Dreams and Technology

August 26, 2020 Andrea Alexa Smith Season 1 Episode 4
Raising Spirit, Raising Fashion: Paula Hian's Fusion of Dreams and Technology
Show Notes

Our guest today is Paula Hian. 

Paula is an incredible women’s fashion designer whose works have been copied and inspired numerous other well-known designers for decades around the globe.

She is someone I respect personally for remaining true to her soul’s purpose and vision, honoring originality and the production of quality luxury goods while giving high priority to heritage craftmanship and precision technical designs and images that came to her in dreams. 

In today's episode Paula Hian and Andrea Alexa Smith talk about fashion, quality design and following the creative visions and dreams of your youth, and using technology to carry it out. Paula talks about the creative process, the importance of artisan craftsmanship,  and the influence of art and architecture in her designs. Paula and Andrea discuss how Paula's visions brought her ahead of her times. Paula molds the past, present and future fusing heritage craftsmanship and precision technology to create original works of art.


Paula Hian is the CEO and fashion designer of Paula Hian. Paula was the winner of the prestigious Concours International Des Jeunes Createurs De Mode competition in Paris. Her dress remains in the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum as the result of winning the prestigious competition whose judges included Christian Lacroix and other well-known industry professionals. 

Her iconic original designs such as the famous see-through trench coat led to decades of various copies and interpretations by major fashion houses. Her dresses have been featured in numerous magazines and publications and promotional materials such as HBO’S Gossip Girl giving more inspiration to the fashion world. She is the preferred designer of many professionals and philanthropists who return to her for timeless designs and custom creations to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. 

Paula Hian received her degree in art history at Northwestern University and attended New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology as a graduate student.  

The Paula Hian Collection is knitted in an exclusive factory that produces for Chanel, Hermes and Balmain and sold in exclusive specialty stores.  Paula knits her designs in beautiful durable knits that perfect the female form. Her styles are hand-crafted of hand-quality and attention to fit and detail. Paula has been pursuing state of the art technology for decades to bring her creative applications to life.

For more information on Paula Hian and her collections please click the links below.