Ep 23: Sake Focus: Ginjo, Luxury in a Glass
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Sugidama Sake Podcast
Ep 23: Sake Focus: Ginjo, Luxury in a Glass
Jul 22, 2021 Season 2 Episode 23

The fourth episode in the short Sake Focus series is about ginjo, premium and super-premium sake made from highly polished rice. The name comes from two Chinese characters and could be translated as "crafted or carefully brewing".  But there's much more in ginjo than just a high milling ratio.

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Episode's Content:

  • What is ginjo and its history
  • How ginjo sake brewing is different from less polished sake
  • Skills, process, and ingredients
  • Grades and types of ginjo sake
  • When ginjo is not ginjo but tokubetsu
  • How to drink ginjo: temperature, food etc.
  • Sake of the episode: Kanpai London Kaze Junmai Ginjo

Sake mentioned:
Kanpai London Kaze Junmai Ginjo
Kanpai London Sake Brewery

Super-flat Rice Polishing

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