the Way of the Showman

47 - Understanding the Audience

April 19, 2022 Captain Frodo Season 2 Episode 47
the Way of the Showman
47 - Understanding the Audience
Show Notes

Today we move the focus of our explorations to the next pillar of Showmanship, namely the Audience. The last many episodes has been exploring the idea of the Showman, ot the One who Faces the Other Way, but now the lense is pointed squarely at the ones who we stand before.
We talk about the generous position it is to be an audience. We might think that all they do is passively reveice, but that is not the case. To be an audience is to open yourself up to another. We look at some of the implications of this perspective.

Here's a link to the Clown Truth essay from Masters of Magic that I talk about in the introduction.

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