the Way of the Showman

31 - Inspiration - theWay:7

September 07, 2021 Captain Frodo Season 2 Episode 31
the Way of the Showman
31 - Inspiration - theWay:7
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Today I talk about inner exploration. We look at a few ways of mapping our internal geography and then how to mine it for use in creation. I also talk about developing a sense of ones inclinations and desires to use them like the true north of a compass. True north is not necessarily the same as the course you set for yourself and where you want to go, but by knowing your own natural inclinations you can better take a step back from yourself to assess where you're really heading.

This episode and the next couple is heading about as deep into the foundations as we will get. This is not practical how-to advice, this is working of the human aspect of the performer, the Man part of the ShowMan. By taking some steps to explore ourselves in the deepest ways we can build our creations and ourselves of firmer ground.


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