the Way of the Showman

37 - REFLEX: On Creative Process and collaborating with Jay Gilligan

November 30, 2021 Captain Frodo Season 2 Episode 37
the Way of the Showman
37 - REFLEX: On Creative Process and collaborating with Jay Gilligan
Show Notes

This episode will be different. This is the first time you will hear other voices than that of your trusted guide along the Way, Captain Frodo on this podcast. This is because for a year and a half there has been a collaboration cooking. Through the dark of the Scandinavian winter I had the distinct pleasure of going through an incredibly deep and all encompassing creative process with Jay Gilligan on his new and upcoming show REFLEX which opens in January 2022 in New York City.
First you will hear me talk about the creative process and a major mind blower of a creative clincher we experienced in the second day of our three day intesive In Real Life creation in Stockholm Sweden. Then you will hear a collaborative recording made by Josh Aviner and Lydsay Magid Aviner. This power couple are the minds behind the Hidaway Circus Podcast and are also producers of the recent outdoor production Stars Above which toured america last summer and also of Beyond Babel, playing New York City at the time of writing this. It's these two superstars who's producing Reflex. The final voice is of the inimitable Jay Gilligan who is an extraordinarily deep thinker as well as a world class juggler not just of traditional juggling but he also puts ART back into the art of Juggling.
I hope you like this side trek along the Way.

REFLEX plays in New York City from 28th of January till 20th of February 2022 at THEATER MITU580 in Brooklyn NYC.

This is the website for the show where you can find all the info you need and its also a really cool looking site!
You can buy tickets here. (at least you can until the final date...)


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