the Way of the Showman

43 - Novelty & Cosmic Considerations - theWay 16

February 22, 2022 Captain Frodo Season 2 Episode 43
the Way of the Showman
43 - Novelty & Cosmic Considerations - theWay 16
Show Notes

This episode starts quite personal and then moving through an examinations of what it means for some Material, or anything else for that matter, to be a Novelty Act, or new or for something to be a genuine creative innovation. To understand this I look at the difference between something being a novel creation by an individual in isolation and what that means in a wider cultural or community context.
Through this I end up bringing in the only phrases which repeats in the Showman's Manifesto which we looked at in episode 25. The Manifesto Poem starts with the epic words "I AM," and with this as a starting point we rocket off on some deep cosmic ponderings. As strange and deeply poetic as those explorations might be it pretty much leaves us right back where we started at the personal conundrum in my life of attempting to do the right thing for my Daughter, my Wife and myself. Three aspects of one whole who, as it turns out might be living a catch 22, dilemma situation based on our itinirant lifestyle catching up with us. A traveller citizen of the world migth eventually find themselves with a problem of geography.

Billy Collins: On Turning Ten
William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience and Augaries of Innosence
Henri Bortoft: Taking appearances seriously - the Dynamic Way of Seeing in Goethe adn European Thought. (Here's a link to a whole lecture series this man did at Schumacher Colleage in England.
Bjørn Kruse: the Thinking Artist. Here is a link to a lecture he held about his ideas from the book.
Hans Georg Gadamer: Truth and Method, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's entry on Gadamer's Aesthetics
Vincent Van Gogh: Painting of a chair

Theodore Annemann the Jinx magazine

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