the Way of the Showman

41 - A Year of Creation w Jay Gilligan

January 25, 2022 Captain Frodo Season 2 Episode 42
the Way of the Showman
41 - A Year of Creation w Jay Gilligan
Show Notes

On this leg of the journey I am joined by Juggler Extraordinaire Jay Gilligan, a man who needs no further introduction amongst the practicioneers of the art of juggling. Or, perhaps to those of you who listened to episode 37 where I spoke with Jay about our collaboration. In this episode Jay and I go deeper into our process of creation and with all the themes and ideas which surrounds the creation of a show.
I would say that conversations like this one is a big part of what got me through the early dark ages of the pandemic. To have an ongoing always evolving conversation about developing my Craft and refining and coming to understand my process as well as adapting it to suit fellow artists has been a glorious highlight of all the uncertainty, restrictions and lockdowns.
I find conversation to be an amazing tool for myself to learn what I think. The dialectic nature of the back and forth is really fun. I hope to explore this further on this podcast, perhaps again with Jay and also perhaps with others.

ARE WE LIVE? Here's the Penn & Teller's brilliant Saturday Night Live appearance.
Jay's show REFLEX, which is a co-creation between mysylf and him opens january 28th 2022 in New York City

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