Series 2, Episode 19: Havin' A Talk with God: The Proposal
Theater of the Imagination
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Theater of the Imagination
Series 2, Episode 19: Havin' A Talk with God: The Proposal
Sep 02, 2022 Season 2 Episode 19
Peter Link

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The Proposal

This series, Havin’ A Talk With God, is a preview of a new Podcast Musical set to premiere in September 2022.

Get to know Thyme Quinn — and through the course of her conversations with her good ol’ pal, God, eavesdrop on the prayers of a most complex character searching for Truth in her daily struggle to understand  her own complexities – complexities that we all struggle with daily.

We’ll be presentin’ this weekly, an’ doncha worry none, each episode won’t take ya’ more ‘an 5 or 6 minutes a shot.  Along the way we promise lots a’ food for thought, a lotta laughs, an’ even a revelation or two regardin’ your own life.

Try it. He’s a different kinda God. He talks back … in plain English.

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