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David Gryp, President of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Shares How NDFCU Supports Schools, Churches, Nonprofits, and Families Through a Philosophy of Stewardship with Nancy Padberg, CEO of CEA
David Gryp, President of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Shares How NDFCU Supports Schools, Churches, Nonprofits, and Families Through a Philosophy of Stewardship with Nancy Padberg, CEO of CEA 17:42 Sr. Mary Jordan Hoover, Founding Principal of St. John Paul II Catholic High School, Shares Successes of Building Everything from the Ground Up with Nancy Padberg, CEO of CEA 20:11 Domonic Salce, Superintendent of Schools DoP, Discusses Parental Choice for Quality Catholic Education Through Scholarships, CEA, and Legislative Expansions with Nancy Padberg, CEO of CEA 19:42 Katie Lyon, Principal of St. Mary Basha Catholic School Shares Her Experiences as an Arizona Administrator and with the Welcoming Community at SBM with Deb Preach, CDO at CEA 12:47 Javier Bravo & Ryan Costello of Bourgade Catholic Share Unique Program and Partnership Gratitude with Nancy Padberg, Pres. & CEO of CEA 20:09 Kim Kirschner, Executive Dir. of IBE and Deb Preach, CDO of CEA, Discuss Exciting Legislative Changes in Arizona's Tax Credit Scholarship Programs 11:38 Jeff Mirasola of Lumen/CenturyLink Discusses Making a Difference for Quality Education Through Corporate Tax Credits with CEA's Deb Preach 18:17 CTODP/ CEA Founder and Retired Superintendent MaryBeth Mueller Discusses the Origins of Tax Credit Legislation in Arizona and the Growing Pains of Organizational Success with Colleen McCoy-Cejka 22:31 Tony Hernandez, Principal of Immaculate Conception Catholic School, and Jeff Leonard, Board Member, Reflect on the Growth of Catholic Education in the Verde Valley and How Tax Credits Change Lives with Nancy Padberg, Pres. & CEO of CEA 27:37 Jennifer Ellis and Andrea Boring, Co-hosts of The Bishop's Hour, Discuss Catholic Education, General Tax Credit Misconceptions & Personal Experiences, and Collaboration With Partners with Deb Preach and Colleen McCoy-Cejka at CEA 23:51 Amy Pfeifer, Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of AZ, Discusses Student Success, Community Partnership, and Changing Lives with CEA's Pres. & CEO, Nancy Padberg 20:29 Josh Ruggiero, Owner of Ruggiero's Ace Hardware Stores, Discusses Change of Heart, Family, Care for Community, and Supporting Catholic Education Through Corporate Tax Credits with Colleen McCoy-Cejka at CEA 15:57 Monica Villalobos, President & CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Joins Nancy Padberg, President & CEO of CEA, to Discuss Serving Minority-Owned Businesses, the Importance of Education, and the Ways AZHCC Has Served the Community since 1948 24:16 Dan Salter, General Manager for Dignity Memorial, and Nancy Padberg, MBA, CEA's Pres. & CEO, Discuss Long-Term Benefits of a Strong Educational Foundation, Opportunities Provided by Boys Hope Girls Hope, and Benefits for CEA's Corporate Partners 20:15 D.J. Cole, Chairman of CCMC and CEA Board Member, Reflects on the Importance of Catholic Education, CEA’s Dedication to Underserved Children, and Benefits of Corporate and Individual Tax Credits with Nancy Padberg, CEO of CEA 17:05 Brad Anderson, Vice President of Sales for Cigna, Shares Cigna’s Commitment to Employees, Customers, and Community and How Tax Credits Fit Into the Company’s Philanthropic Philosophy with Nancy Padberg, President & CEO of CEA 26:18 Tim Klei, President & CEO of Allied Group Sales, Shares His Journey and Commitment to Catholic Education Through Individual & Corporate Tax Credit Contributions, Mission Alignment, and Advice for Businesses with Colleen McCoy-Cejka at CEA 15:56 Kim Kirschner, Exec. Director of IBE, and DEB Preach, CDO for CEA, Discuss Putting Kids First and the Partnership Between IBE & CEA That Can Fully Fund Families 22:03 Fr. John Parks, Jenny Zander, and Mollie Malovoz, Pastor, Principal, and Director of Finance at St. Theresa Catholic Parish & School Share History and Educational Vision for Student Formation and Family Support, Making Catholic Educat 22:16 Rose Defer, Development Director for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Talks Expansion Projects, Pandemic Adjustments, Faith, Family Support, and Affordability with Tax Credit Scholarships with Colleen McCoy-Cejka, Dir. of Partnerships at CEA 28:40 JACQUELINE KENNEDY, DIRECTOR OF RECRUITMENT FOR ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN PHOENIX, SHARES THE RICH HISTORY AND IMPACT OF THE OLDEST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN ARIZONA AND HOW DIFFERENT ARIZONA IS THAN OTHER STATES WHEN IT COMES TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL AC 20:51 FATHER FRED ADAMSON, VICAR GENERAL AND MODERATOR OF THE CURIA FOR THE DIOCESE OF PHOENIX, SHARES THE IMPORTANCE OF HIS PERSPECTIVES ON CATHOLIC EDUCATION, CHARITABLE GIVING AND TAX CREDIT CONTRIBUTIONS SINCE THE ORIGINS OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION ARIZONA AND T 16:43 MARY JO WAHLERS, DIRECTOR OF ADVANCEMENT FOR SS. SIMON AND JUDE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL, DISCUSSES THE HISTORY AND UNIQUENESS OF THIS SPECIAL SCHOOL AS WELL AS HER ROLE IN EDUCATING THE COMMUNITY ON TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIPS TO MAKE CATHOLIC EDUCATION ACCESSIBLE A 20:54 JILL PLATT, PRESIDENT/PRINICIPAL OF NOTRE DAME PREPARATORY, SCOTTSDALE, DISCUSSES CAMPUS EXPANSION, CREATING FOREVER-SAINTS, AND THE BLESSING OF TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIPS WITH COLLEEN MCCOY-CEJKA, CATHOLIC EDUCATION ARIZONA’S DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC PARTNERSH 22:35 KEVIN STRAYTON OF FAIR DISCUSSES THE POWER OF THE TAX CREDIT PROGRAM IN ARIZONA COMPARED TO OTHER SCHOOL CHOICE PROGRAMS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY AND THE CEA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS WITH DEB PREACH, CDO OF CEA 16:03