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Healing Energies Through Spirituality with Shawn Murphy

December 13, 2022 Season 2 Episode 68
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Healing Energies Through Spirituality with Shawn Murphy
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While we exist here on the planet we all experience duality. This duality shows up all around us like day/night, sadness/happiness, depressed/enthusiastic and many, many other ways and forms. My guest today has embraced dualities through his Torn Between Two World Books and he is here today to shed light on how to increase your spiritual strength and increase your resistance to the negativity that you are subjected to.

Shawn Murphy received his Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1982 while working part-time as a machinist for Ramar Engineering. While working full-time as an engineer for General Dynamics, Ft. Worth division, Mr. Murphy completed his Master in Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1985 and his Master in Business Administration from Texas Christian University 1989. 

At age 30, he moved to Liechtenstein to run the investment team for PRP Performa Ag and started to study German. He received his CFA charter in 1994 and then started studying philosophy in German. After moving the investment team to Bermuda in 2000, he started publishing his philosophic works in the Bermuda Sun, following the attack on 9/11/01. He published a series of six articles speaking out against the 

rhetoric that had erupted. The final article in this series was entitled: “We all have the same spiritual ancestry”. 

Following the stroke of his twenty-year-old daughter, Shawn was inspired to write the trilogy Torn Between Two Worlds. Since then, Mr. Murphy has been actively blogging on Quora where he has been able to assist many on the spiritual path. Following the successful launch of his most recent book, Shawn have become a spiritual consultant to assist others with their spiritual growth.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:
1. How we all embrace dualities on our journey

2. Looking back at how we are raised

3. The stroke in Shawn's young daughter that changed his life

4. Understanding what you are feeling energetically

5. The discoveries of

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Welcome. Back to enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. While we exist here on the planet, we all experience duality. This duality shows up all around us like day and night, sadness, happiness, depress enthusiastic and many, many other ways and forms my guest today has expressed an embrace duality Sue has torn between two world books. And he is here today to shed light on how to increase your spiritual strength and increase your resistance to the negativity that you are subjected to. His name is Shawn Murphy. Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1982, while working part time as a machinist for rammer engineering, while working part time as an engineer for General Dynamics Fort Worth division, he completed his Masters of Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1985, and his master's in business administration from Texas Christian University in 1989. Following the stroke of his 20 year old daughter, Shawn was inspired to write he trilogy Torn Between Two Worlds. Since then, he has been actively blogging on Quora. Where he has been able to assist many on their spiritual path. Following the successful launch of his most recent book, Shawn has become a spiritual consultant to assist others with their spiritual growth. Welcome, Shawn. Thank you so much, Teresa. It's wonderful to be here. Today. And, you know, very excited to explore these topics that have, you know, come to me through many journeys in my life. Well, I would love for you to at first is to share a little bit about you and your spiritual journey with the listeners. Well, thank you you know, as you're reading my biography, you can see I always worked and studied throughout my entire life, really starting at a very young age. And I've continued that you know, ever since I'm I'm a entrepreneur, I run two different businesses, but I spend the same amount of time studying as I did when I was in college. So I'm always active, active learning. And one of the most important things that I've studied throughout my life is myself I've been on many journeys of self discovery. And this is how I ended my, my latest book is it's the greatest study that I think anybody can do is understand better who they are. Understand your talents. Understand. Your, your shadows, your weaknesses, and concentrate on on growing your gifts to their fullest potential. And be just be just being aware of your of your weaknesses. A very good friend of mine said, and I use this quote a lot. He said, If we spend all of our time trying to overcome our weaknesses, the best we can ever be as mediocre. But if we spend that same time furthering our gifts, we can become extraordinary. I love that so much. So I started I had my first spiritual awakening when I was 14. I grew up in a very strict Catholic household and I'm an engineer. I have a very logical mind and I just said, if if God made this, then I should be able to understand what these people are telling me. And the first part of my journey was trying to understand religion. I had studied 18 Different religions by the time I was out of college and kind of gave up the journey there because I came away with the, the impression of this elephant and the blind man. And you know, the truth is the elephant. And then you have all these blind men, which are the religions that have a little piece of the truth, but a completely different understanding. One thing sets a snake one thing to wall one things, it's a tree. And that's the view that I've taken all along and it's one that has allowed me to really open up my heart to to everybody knows there's there's nobody I don't talk to there's no way I don't love, because we're all part of the same truth. Totally agree with that. Yes. You mentioned in my my biography also, you know, five years ago, my, my 20 year old daughter had a stroke. And this was a very interesting experience for our family. So it's interesting because the impact it had on me is my daughter lost her ability to speak there was a stroke in her speech center. I came home from the hospital I sat down on my computer and in six months, I wrote three books. Wow, I gained my voice when she lost her voice. And these, these three books, you know, they came with me into this life thing. They just came hard very, very easily. Yes. And then, as you said, you know, I went out trying to publicize my work, and I found this wonderful platform Cora, I say it's wonderful because it's the only platform today where where people aren't broadcasting, you know, their monotone ideas. It's a it's a question and answer. People are asking questions. People are answering questions and it's a very, very good platform for people searching. You know, especially in our world today where there's, there's a lot of monotone voices out there. But people have questions. And and as I was answering questions in spirituality and religion and history, on Quora, I came across a lot of people struggling with mental illness. And they realize this as I did that, most mental illness is is of a spiritual nature. You know, in, in the world of modern medicine, my my wife had a valve replacement surgery done and the cardiology cardiologist told her that the success rate is 97% of this surgery. I mean, water medicine is great and the mechanical areas, but what psychiatrists will give you a 97% chance of being cured from mental illness. Right, not many because it because they don't have the right tools. You know, the, the book that I wrote talks about all the various entities and energies that can cause us to be depressed cause us to commit suicide cause us to hear voices you know, it's it's a big big world out there in the spiritual world. There's a lot more of them than there are of us. And filled with chills you say that, Sean. People forget that. You know. The reason that science hasn't been able to analyze the spiritual world and I'm a scientist from my background is because you're, you're a blind man, trying to analyze a sentient being and do tests on it. You can't you have no idea who's who's talking to you, what their motives are, what their alliance allegiances are. And, you know, there's a lot of people working in the spiritual space nowadays that don't realize how many niche mischievous spirits that are out there misleading that yeah, I go to a lot of metaphysical and psychic or paranormal events, shows expos and I am I often am very flabbergasted as to how much other people out there who are sharing their skills or services are unaware of exactly what you're saying, Shawn because the work that I do with my husband with TNT Spirit works we work with what we call confused energy or confused souls. And these are souls that have are between the worlds and different, you know, different levels and different variations and they are everywhere affecting many of us, especially those that are very unaware and like you said, the bipolar the depression is so prevalent in society because there's so much energy I'm not saying that's all of it, but I believe it's 99.9% of it, honestly. Well, yes, yeah, it is. The I just I get so frustrated with this point, because, you know, I've had done a lot of interviews since this recent book was released and met a lot of these practitioners that you're talking about, and they're very passionate because they've gone through a life experience that woke them up. You know? And, you know, their what they're doing is interesting, it's great, but they haven't addressed themselves yet. But they're out trying to help others, but they haven't addressed themselves. And that's why I said at the beginning that the most important thing that that I tell people to do is figure out what's happening in your life. What are the impacts on your life? Clean up your own house before you try and help somebody? You know, I I started helping people after my fifth spiritual awakening I started writing about it after my fourth but that's that's who I am. I'm reserved. I'm not somebody who goes out and, you know, screams from the highest mountain. It took that long. But I think by the time I started helping others, my my spiritual self was I wasn't perfect, but I understand my, my shadows, I understand my darkness. And when I when it pops up, I'm aware of it. I don't don't let it clobber me. From behind. And that's really important and I to me was you're talking about that and other people out in the world doing their services, spiritual services and things. What I've noticed is that the people that of course we're all different levels of consciousness, right? We're all different unique vibrations, different places. We had different experiences. This lifetime, many other lifetimes. And so people that will resonate with someone won't resonate with me, the clarity or where they're at. And so, I oftentimes that's why I look at all the different variations of people out explore, you know, exploring and sharing spirituality and what they're doing in the world. And it's great that there are so many people at different levels. I agree with you though that I mean, there's an understanding that needs to be really understood this level of what we're really experiencing energetically, and what the confused energy and souls and whatever you want to call them, being possessed, whatever you know that definition is for you. Know, for you and I and the listeners, but, but there are different levels and that consciousness out there, so it's meeting people. So the people I see that I will just say are not that clear, with where they're at energetically. People that aren't clear and are in the place for meeting them. So like, it's all a resonance to which I know you understand. But um, but there's definitely a call and especially now where, yes, there is so much confusion on the planet and souls that people have no idea. No idea. I mean, it's almost like mind boggling that you know, my God, it's there everywhere and people have no idea they're just being in you know, in or interacting with and they're being affected by so let's talk a little bit about that about is this what you call spiritual afflictions, or is that a different a different thing? No, no, it's spiritual afflictions is large area, right? When there are spiritual energies created by by people. Okay. And if you've seen Dr. Emoto's work for example, he demonstrates the impact of a thought and and emotion on the material world on water. So those energies, you know, that you can you can just be walking through the neighborhood and people are there, they're jealous of you. You know, they're envious of you. And that has power that and that can just kind of sit on top of you, and you carry that home with you into your house. And if you don't if you're not conscious of that, they can build up this negative energy in your house. And it and what it does is it makes people short tempered. Right and it builds up and it can cause just negative actions of the people living there. I mean, that's one spiritual affliction. It's in my book, I give various ways of dealing with that. Just regular rituals that you can use and bring positive energy and into your life. The motos, how to water processes a very good way to deal with that. And just consciously thinking, positive energy, joy of gratitude, you know, love that can negate that negative energy, the other spiritual afflictions are from sentient spiritual beings. Okay? Negative energy is just not sentient. It's just there just causes issues right? But the ascension ones are sometimes the most difficult because they have a reason to be there. That what are the my book was dedicated to will? And I tell a story in my book, about his affliction, which is a past life affliction of vengeful spirits who followed him into this life. And he was treated for many years as as a schizophrenic. As you know, schizophrenia occurs in the 20s. Schizophrenia does occur in childhood. And there's a spiritual law behind that. So you don't you don't take revenge on children. You take revenge on adults. They'll be chill chills on that. And it's interesting too, because that's when bipolar shows up. It shows up right in your 20s, early 20s. And that's when you pass into adulthood and you start paying your dues from a spiritual standpoint. And these these are sentient beings who have an axe to grind and they're very hard to get rid of. People call them demons because because that's the picture they have from, you know, The Exorcist and other other movies that this is an evil spirit. There are those two, but the worst ones are the ones who have the right to extract revenge. And they're the hardest to get rid of. But I've in began in my book, I've gotten a number of different strategies for for dealing with it. It's there's not a quick fish. There's not a pill that's going to get rid of it. And that's what many schizophrenics have kind of come to realize that pills don't help. But by working on ourselves again and raising our own vibration level we can resist these vengeful spirits better. won't save them, get rid of them. The only way you can get rid of them is to get them to forgive you. And what we say in the work that I do is that um, once they're done with me my food and lodging they'll go find someone else unless they go off well with that food and lodging thing. But but those are more the what I call the lost spirits. Who are there for a different reason there. Think the movie goes to a very good example of the ghost with a cigarette. They're looking to satisfy an addiction whether it's alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex. They are molesting people to try and satisfy their, their urge. And so they you know they prey on drugs they prey on you know, drug addicts to encourage them to do more right and so that they can partake in the in the spiritual aspect of the spirits and there is a spiritual energy in all these alcohol, drugs and so forth that the spirits can partake in. A good friend of mine has spent her life conversing with the dead she's a clairvoyant and and I remember when she first got her gift about 25 years ago. She was always questioning why, why are things online they'll come in to me or they won't with me. But she started publishing some footwork here recently. But what what she said is the biggest complaint that this lost spirits or the past spirits that she has talked to for the last 25 years is that they don't teach us they never told us what's going to happen. They never told us what the afterlife gonna look like. Nobody knows it's funny she was she wasn't. She was writing a story of when she's on the train. And, you know, this spirit said, What are you doing? So, you know, telling the story about, you know, the spiritual world said nobody's going to read it. Nobody's going to believe it. Wow. Like yeah, right. Most people aren't going to believe it. Yeah, but but the point is, they're the ones who did believe it didn't, didn't hang around. Right. The ones who are the ones who are lost because they weren't prepared. They didn't know what they should be doing. They're the ones gonna hang around. So Shawn, how did you come to this realization about this? Because for myself, I went and did a spiritual reach, like a camp one summer in 2017. And I was guided to go to this will be called trance healing work. And it was all about releasing and sending back you know, souls that we've either known in previous incarnations or that are around us or whatever, right. But before that, I didn't know I had been doing spirit mediumship I've been doing trance healing work channel work, and so I had no idea so what what brought you to this because this is a whole other level of spirituality. I mean, seriously, this is like, you know, a high level of understanding of what really energetically is going on on the planet. So how did you come about this? Well, I said I've been at it for 48 years, but was there what was it like one time where like, things came out and you'd like what the hell is that? And if you had an understanding, or no, it's, it really came from a research standpoint. Like I said, I had this logical mind and I was trying to understand what happened to religion. So I went back through the history of the church and the churches and so forth. And got back to a place refer as as an engineer and as a scientist, which I found very intriguing. And that place was, you know, in between basically Homer and Socrates the Ionian Greek culture. You know, the culture who, who gave us, Euclidean mathematics gave us the tiger in there and gave us the HIPAA, Hippocratic Oath you know, who gave us logic and reason. And I was intrigued because, you know, as, again as the scientist that's where Galileo went to rediscover science. That's where Erwin Schrodinger went. When quantum quantum theory came about, and you know, when you think about it, these are people live two and a half 3000 years ago. And what they said is still valid today. Their theories are still valid. And this intrigued me because if you've read Socrates, he's the father of logic. But he talks more about God and the gods than he does about logic. Okay, and so I, when I moved to Europe, I discovered this this group who was researching you know, these these great minds and came to understand that the reason why Sagaris was able to come up with what he did is because he was a whole mystic person. Right. He was a musician. He was a healer. You know, and he understood harmonics and, and through his holistic view of the world, he and others like him up started to understand the spiritual laws that go behind the laws of nature. And if, if you understand the spiritual laws, and you correlate those within the natural laws, then you found something that is his permanent as they did, they found these really basic laws of nature at that time. And I mean, that's where it, that's where it started. But then I went to my first spiritual retreat 27 years ago. And I just finished last week, my 27th one, I saw those beautiful pictures in Atlanta and you're like, Oh, are you there right now? Yes, that's, you know, I've spent a week each year for the last 27 years. Beautiful, talented clairvoyance with mediums. One in particular who has brought 35 years with the teachings to this world about the spiritual world. And and talked about all these issues. So you know, what you bring with you in a past life and it all makes very, very clear sense. You know, with if you know the work of Ian Stevenson, you know, he's, he's demonstrated the physical attributes that one can bring from one life to the next. And he hasn't expanded it to the the mental and the spiritual. attributes that you bring from one life to another. But they're there I mean, he showed the physical but obviously the, the mental and the spiritual also, are brought from one life to the next. Which is pretty amazing. And I'm sure for a lot of people hard to understand too. But I get it. I talk because I've had many past life experiences and you know, things going on in my body and all the basic I say all realms of my body, you know, body mind, spirit and in different variations, different places in I was in Germany, my last lifetime went back over there as a soldier this lifetime and had three years of, I can probably say, experience a lot of negative energy, a lot of probably energy from that life other lifetime that was on me because I was drinking and doing all kinds of really bad inflicting things upon myself. So yeah, it's interesting that how we do bring so much forward into, you know, a new body when we come back. And the one thing that I focus on in my book is the relationships we bring with us. both positive and negative. Without a doubt, right. And that's what that's why we're here. That's what we're doing here is we're trying to clean up those relationships. We're trying to become virtuous again. We say that with a nice smile and a little No, I say that because I had this discussion with my wife over the weekend. And, and she said to me, what, what am I learning in this lifetime? And I said to her, Well, I've learned nothing but patients in this lifetime and she knows all the all the things that have happened to me regarding patients. And she but I said you're you're learning something different. And you you've got anger that you have to get rid of and it's important that you get rid of that. And you've had lots of opportunities to over and over and over right? We don't we don't learn them. They come back. And it's interesting too, because I know for my husband I we've been we've been waiting a couple of lifetimes to come back together. So we've been together maybe two or three lifetimes back and then many other lifetimes too but but the things that we brought back into work together on that's what I think's interesting too with relationships and the karmic you know things and it's sort of life some of its cleanup is some vicious really that where are we at a souls and now moving forward into the work we're here to do and etc. So and everyone's different, like you're saying with your wife and you and but it is interesting taking that relationship aspect to to that level because that's really what like you said, we're here to learn and grow. We're here to be in relationships and some of it is clean up. Some of it is expansion. You know, coming together to expand our soul's essence and and you know, I do believe like you said the beginning that you know, we are that we are one we're just different variations that unique energies unique vibrations, but you know, what I see in you I have in me, you know, well I mean, that's the beauty of the spiritual world is the is the diversity, the vast, vast diversity, but yet, a oneness, but completely diverse. It's amazing. It's, it's chilling, actually. I mean, it is I was I was gifted a old soul. And I tell people, my the greatest mentor I've had in my life is my daughter. Because like the Tin Man, she helped me find my heart among other things, and she's, she's taught my wife. More than then my wife taught her and I can say the same for me. But different things. And that's, that's the interesting part is how we help each other because she came here to help us and you are contracted to come together to do whatever healing and understanding and expansion together so they're just because I've met someone recently, I was talking to come traveling where I talked this person at, oh, someone I was interviewing and so they had this person had a sister they had Sunday at 10 and a Sunday at 21. And so but they have a bigger spiritual understanding about it. And even the first son that passed on came to them and said, you know, this is the reason why the other son is no longer here and bigger spiritual picture so and they really embrace the fact of, you know, energetically what they are learning from that situation, how they all contracted to come in and they look back at the boy's life and say, wow, you know, we saw how much they did in their life because they weren't going to be here very long. So there's so it's so complex, our souls and what we've come to do and it's, but it's so beautiful to and in the learning and experiences that we're all here to embrace. Yeah, the first the first thing I wrote in my life, that was if any meaning outside of schoolwork was on September 17 2001. And it was about the stories that I just heard people who missed the train and people's alarm and go off who weren't there. And the the amazingly small number of people that died relative to what could have happened. And I wrote an article which I posted which got printed in the local paper and it was talking about you know, who dies and who doesn't die, you know, who survives the plane crash who doesn't? Based on what I've learned, through many experiences that I've studied, and the funny thing was, was funny, but a year later, Oprah did a one year after and they brought in the survivors of people who died and they brought in some of the people who survived and it's exactly what I wrote. Wow, you know, the ones the ones who died, they, they were ready. They knew, you know, they everything was clean. Right and the ones who lived they realize they need to do something different. They were saved for a reason. Their alarm didn't go off because they wasn't ready wasn't time believe me. 100% Shawn. Yeah. Wow. So let's talk a little bit about your beautiful books. So this is the torn between two worlds. This is a fourth book you've written in this series. Yeah, but different. They're on different subjects. And this one's on modern medicine and spiritual healing. Yes, to share a little about that. Well, the first three books were basically philosophical. You know the struggle between religion and science, and trying to find a middle way. You know, between both of them as I have. And then the struggle between rhetoric and and wisdom. And how do you find wisdom and avoid the the rhetoric that is so prevalent in today's society? And the third one was the struggle between the material world and the spiritual world. But these were all, you know, philosophical, essentially. Having worked with with people on Quora, I, it was them who encouraged me to write a self help book. Which was way outside of my comfort zone. Really, although I've been I've been through spiritual training by two different spiritual healers I've done you know, I understand all of the pieces, but I've never used it for anybody other than my immediate family. And so you know, I have in my family, people who were diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication with anxiety and put on medication at the age of 12. And you know, and none of that ever worked, and in the end, what they did was was really a spiritual awakening notes, help them to overcome what what they're originally being treated for. So, you know, this is this is the topic of the book. I mean, the first half of the book is about, you know, defining the various ailments that you can have spiritually, kind of what I've talked about a little bit before and the second half of the book is about the various healings that you can use, all natural, all some rich, ritualistic, but you know, all with a lot of research and basically, you know, I've taken the life works of many, many people and put it together in a useful handbrake and all in the in memory of Dr. Edward Bach, as you know, who he is he, his little book that he wrote was called heal thyself. Little tiny book. And that's what this is about. It's it's, it's you know more about yourself than anybody else will ever know. And so, the best thing I can do as a writer or as a doctor is help you give you the tools you need to heal yourself. And so that's what that's what the spirit of this book is about. Now, and in some cases, you know, some of these severe schizophrenic cases or suicide type of cases, they need help from the outside. And so I give tools to to the people who are around such people that they can help not necessarily intervene but just help guide bring bring positive energy to a place where of darkness Well, sounds like a much needed book, Shawn, and I really appreciate coming on today and sharing with myself and my guests and my listeners and YouTube listeners because this is a really big subject and a topic that right now is just timely for all that we're experiencing and all the negativity and the energy and the confusion that's going along around the whole planet. So I thank you so much for coming on and share with everyone how they can get a hold of you. Well, you can find me on on Quora, just Shawn Murphy, I created the spaces on Quora called. One is this spiritual world which is one of the largest spaces I'm a big contributor to the space called the afterlife. And then you can reach me on my website which is just torn between two worlds all written together.com. And, you know, feel free to reach out to me because the the gift that I seem to have is there's nothing that you can say to me that I will, I will laugh at. I have a affinity for misunderstood people. And I have to admit, the greatest joys I've had was when people told me you're the only person who's ever listened to me. And I think that's a big big problem in in raising children. Because a lot of parents, they project them an image on their child, but they really don't listen to their children. And that's a part of my book is is raising spiritual children. Oh, beautiful. And I'll have all those links in the show notes. So if any of you listeners watchers want to connect with Sean, please do so again. Thank you so much for coming on today and sharing. Thank you so much, Teresa. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you so much for watching another episode of enthusiastically spiritual Wow, was that deep was that profound? And Shawn is on an amazing mission to share with people out there like you how important it is to understand about the energy that we're all being affected by having to walk through having to be experienced with so there's a lot going on in the world that of the unseen that a lot of us don't recognize, I hope you do check out his book. And again, check it out in the show notes. I'll have all the links to meet Sean and to find his information. So if you've not subscribed to this app to this podcast, please make sure you do or the YouTube YouTube channel makes sure that you hit subscribe, like and please share freely with other people that you know that may want to hear the important information and important messages that come through each and every episode. Also, if you'd like to support this podcast, please look in the show notes and you will find support this show and I would appreciate any support that you can give me and this beautiful show. So until next week, just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.