Leap of Faith

ARNO WINGEN I Direct Response Marketing Magic

August 04, 2022 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
ARNO WINGEN I Direct Response Marketing Magic
Show Notes

Did you know that in sales, the best way to close a deal is by making the customer make the move?

It sounds weird, I know. But I had an interesting conversation with Arno Wingen, currently working as a professor and a direct response marketing consultant.

Arno Wingen is a 37-year old ex-real estate agent (ex because he eventually managed his own firm). He built his real estate agency Systeem Makelaardij last 2017 from scratch. Since then, the firm has received various awards like the coveted Marketing Award and more.

Arno Wingen has an interesting origin story. He’s raking in the big bills now, but when he started, he didn’t even know how to close a sale! He worked in real estate while still in school in 2003. He sat there, read the script, but nothing happened. 

He did this for 37 appointments before he secured his first sale: a convict’s house littered with tires inside the house. Before you can say “strange”, let’s just say he agrees with you. 

Arno thinks one of the most important things for his success is that he always looked at each of his calls and identified his mistakes. One by one, day by day. 

Since then, his sales have skyrocketed. He stuck to the script and improved himself daily. It was then that he tried his hand on direct response marketing. He placed one carefully-written ad on the newspaper, and his phone rang the next day non-stop! 

Arno found that successful salesmen should also be good writers. He shared his successes using direct response marketing offline and online methods. “If you see the trajectory, get with it and capitalize!”

He eventually grew tired of the hustle. Even with the success of his firm and his craft, he felt that something was missing. He got bored of 100% managing his team, too. So one day, he decided to have fun with his work for his Leap of Faith.

He joined Andrew Tate’s War Room where he advises over 100,000 people on how to make money with his direct marketing response strategy and continues on helping more achieve success. He’s having fun and he’s making money… What's not to love?

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