Leap of Faith

BRENDAN GILLEN | Billion Dollar eCommerce Strategies Simplified!

August 10, 2022 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
BRENDAN GILLEN | Billion Dollar eCommerce Strategies Simplified!
Show Notes

In a cutthroat environment like the e-commerce market, you have to have a little sense of adventure and figure out things on the go. In this discovery-packed podcast, you’ll find all you’re looking for from developing your brand to scaling globally.

Moving online is risky, but Brendan Gillen, CEO of The Ecommerce Factory, swears that you have to figure out the best move while you’re in it. Brendan Gillen is the bee’s knees in the ecommerce field. Besides being recognized as part of the Top 50 E-commerce People by InsideRetail (TWICE, by the way), he has over 15 years of experience in marketing products in a fast-paced online market. 

The funny thing? He started his entire portfolio taking on marketing projects he barely even understood!

He’s worked with the world’s biggest brands like SuperDry and Fight Gear Direct. However, when he started, he wasn’t in marketing. Heck, he wasn’t even in commerce—he was an IT professional in a cushy job, far from anything related to selling. Brendan did not sit on his hands in this comfort zone. He channelled his dissatisfaction in finding out his patterns and passions, eventually taking his leap of faith. 

One of his biggest leaps of faith was when he embraced his inner entrepreneur… and he hasn’t looked back since. He established The Ecommerce Factory where they helped online business owners with websites that really measure results. He actually studied multimedia and got creative just so he can work on this seriously!

Since then, The Ecommerce Factory has only grown larger with over 37+ major projects, $125m revenue generated, and worked with over 12 popular brands ranging from streetwear to self-love toys. You can say that Brendan’s leap really paid off.

Brendan shares the secrets of his e-commerce journey in this podcast. He told us the technique of either solving the problem or making customers realise it. This generates demand, and eventually, sales. You need to sell values and move around those values. E-commerce is a rapidly evolving field, so you need to stick to your guns and be sure that you don’t stray far from your identity.

He also shares that businesses should discover if they have more time or more money on their hands. Then, they should see how they can experiment fast, fail faster, and learn the fastest. Sounds poetic, but it sure does work. 

Tune in because what you’ll learn here is priceless.

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