Leap of Faith

TIM MCKINNON | Bodybuilding, Disciplines, and Business Building

August 17, 2022 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
TIM MCKINNON | Bodybuilding, Disciplines, and Business Building
Show Notes

In today’s Leap of Faith, I talked business with a tank—an absolute unit—Tim Mckinnon. This episode is a bit different because we got to talk about how Tim treated his body like a temple and eventually made it his business to help others build themselves.

From a young age, Coach Tim knew he wasn’t one to wake up, mow the lawn, and then fall asleep on the couch with a beer. Tim was a very skinny guy when he was a kid. He was all about that geek stuff: he played World of Warcraft, had zero confidence, and couldn’t even talk to someone if his life depended on it. But all that changed when something simple happened; his mum bought him a gym membership. 

He got right to it. Luckily, he was athletic as a kid and was proud of showing off his performance in sports. Bodybuilding was no different for Tim.

He then eventually went to Uni and started his own PT business. It didn’t work out because Tim knew that this was not what his potential was for. He eventually went to fitness coaching through Instagram and his website, “In The Trenches with Tim,” and built his brand from scratch. He’s also currently a sponsored athlete at Massive Joes. Talk about getting noticed, right? 

Tim says that his success felt great because he literally got to bring his body trophy everywhere. He also competed in a lot of muscle-building competitions WHILE building his clientele. His life began and went around building himself to be more confident through his body. 

Tim recalled that his life at the gym was his real “core memory” and never regretted his leap of faith by going all in. 

According to Tim, the funny thing about building your body is that it’s a lot like building a business. You’ve got to love what you’re doing, or else you lose all discipline in the process. One way to stop yourself from falling off the wagon is thinking of what Tim calls anti-goals. Pretty fascinating stuff. If your goal is too high, you might feel overwhelmed with the journey. But if you set your bar on the low side and know what you DON’T want to be, you’ll stick to the program better.

If you want to start fixing your body, start by fixing your sleep. Take melatonin if you need it. Fix your diet. And don’t stop moving.

Your body will thank you for it. 

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