Leap of Faith

WILL DE BRUIN | Over 18 Million In eCom Sales - Heres How!

August 22, 2022 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
WILL DE BRUIN | Over 18 Million In eCom Sales - Heres How!
Show Notes

Now here today is Will de Bruin. Will’s story is one to shock you… he’s one of the most successful e-commerce consultants ‘round these parts, but he was one clueless bloke before he started. As a matter of fact, he never even imagined that he’d ever be on the businessman’s side of things. But today, here he is, one of the co-founders of Karmic Cold Pressed Juice for over 9 years now.

Will was once a part of corporate. He was doing well in his job as a property evaluator, and his brother was working in a bank. They were stable, and they had savings. Plus, they had zero experience in a business; even their family had no entrepreneurial drop of blood in them! 

So what made Will and his brother drop their quiet corporate life and plunge into the unknown headfirst?

They read lots of books, got inspired, and thought they had nothing to lose. Sure they were okay with a yearly income of 100k. Was it enough? Will didn’t think so. He wanted to see what life was like on the other side of the fence. They can always go back, anyway.

They had no business plan. No prospects. But they knew that waiting for a perfect opportunity is the best way to be late for your dreams. So they put in their resignations in 2013 and never looked back since. Now THAT’S a leap of faith!

It’s all inspirational, right? Too bad inspiration’s not enough in a business. The business was brutal. They thought of stopping at least five times because they were bleeding themselves dry in labour and capital. They stopped for a month, re-examined where they wanted to be, and then went back. They got their product known better, settled on a physical store, and simplified a lot of their processes as they scaled Karmic Cold Pressed Juice to a level they never imagined.

Will shares that one of the biggest lessons in his business is to focus on consistency first. The journey to a million dollars starts with mastering one marketing strategy at a time on specific channels. They eventually got to master themselves and this sort of business “cadence” that they became so stable that they even outlived COVID-19 lockdowns. Many businesses got knocked out, but Will’s not ready to go down for the count.

Listen to this episode as Will tells us about his business journey from scratch. He also shares a few insider strategies on how consistency is key to making your goals a reality.

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