Leap of Faith

HANAN CAWLEY | Persistent and Consistent Ambitions

October 05, 2022 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
HANAN CAWLEY | Persistent and Consistent Ambitions
Show Notes

If you’re up and about, I’d like to introduce you to my good mate Hanan Cawley. Now Hanan—let me be straight with you—is one of the biggest, baddest Gs you’ll ever meet in the world of real estate. No, really. The guy is just 25 years old, but he already has multiple MULTIPLE ventures valued a little over 2 million dollars. I mean, what were you doing when you were 25, right?

Back to Hanan. Now Hanan here’s a dear friend of mine. When we first met here on the Gold Coast, he was looking for people to connect with so he could jumpstart his ventures. We had a little chat and I told him some hard facts (which luckily hit home!) so he can be a bit more aligned and motivated with his goals. I really admired the guy’s journey, seriously. 

He first started working while he was 15 because of the global financial crisis last 2010. His family was doing all well and good. But one day, when the recession decided to fuck up the world, they lost almost everything. Their family was literally at the brink of losing all they had. You know what his dad said? 

His dad told him that if he missed their lifestyle before… all the luxuries they had… he had to step up and step out and work his ass off for it. He was shocked, but he sprung into action immediately. 

He then worked as a commercial fisherman in New Zealand. Sure the bucks were plenty; they were like soldiers stationed at sea. They would go work themselves to exhaustion, go home with money in the bank, use the cash, then rinse and repeat. Sounds like a great, steady gig, right? For most of you, probably, sure. But to him, he knew that this wasn’t where his journey would end.

The guy moved to Toronto for a 50-50 partnership on a timber business for Harcourts, Toowoomba. He went in this game for a while but again, his ambitions were burning the living hell out of him. “I can’t be tied to timber. My ambitions are bigger than timber,” he said. He sold all his belongings besides the clothes on his back and set off on his leap of faith in the land down under. He moved to the Gold Coast and looked for the people in the highest-paying jobs: the guys at real estate brokerage.

Hanan quickly realised that to go somewhere in life, you needed to be with people who share the same ambitions as you. He needed to take rejections as lessons. He needed to recalibrate, stay connected with himself. Most of all, he needed to improve himself. Now, Hanan is following the habits of the most successful people in the world and continues to impress everyone he meets in the real estate game.

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