Leap of Faith

MORGAN NELSON I Creating an income whilst creating an impact

November 23, 2020 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
MORGAN NELSON I Creating an income whilst creating an impact
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Today we go live with Morgan Nelson - a 27 year old Gold Coast local who went from being emotionally and financially broke at the age of 21 to financially free at 23. He has gone on to build a 6 figure online business in the network marketing space, leading a team of thousands of other young people in 16 different countries across the globe. He has spoken on stages in 5 different countries and had offers for many more. 

Morgan has even shared the stage with thought leaders Darren Hardy and Joel Brown. He is the host of the Dreaming Out Loud podcast which is ranked in the top 100 for self improvement and entrepreneurship in all of Australia. He has a huge passion for helping other young people find their true potential and helping them build a life they don’t need a vacation from.

We talk about getting clarity on the "why" and the "vision" - and not getting these two things confused.  Morgan also explains how we can look for different opportunities to get you to your end goal and what you want to create.

Morgan shares how learning simple things such as communication skills, networking, marketing, sales & most importantly - Leadership and the importance of making an impact, not just making money - has catapulted him to success.

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