Leap of Faith

NEJRA BURNIC I The Life of an Entrepreneurs' Fiancé

December 01, 2020 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
NEJRA BURNIC I The Life of an Entrepreneurs' Fiancé
Show Notes

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Today we go live with the beautiful Nejra Burnic - Fiancé to Sasha Karabut.

Nejra & Sasha dive deep into discussing how life as an entrepreneur has impacted their relationship.  Nejra and Sasha have known each other for 6 years and are happily engaged. 

Nejra gives great insight as to what it's like being in a relationship with such a motivated thought leader, how it has affected her emotionally and altered her perception of life.
Being an entrepreneurs' Fiancé has given Nejra motivation and inspiration to chase her own dreams and take a leap of faith within herself by starting her very own business "Sash Beds" (see links below).

They also talk discuss the different dynamics and personality traits between males and females from a sales point of view and how decisions are made. 
Nejra expands on her memories and past experiences when Sasha came to her with the idea of working with Jordan Belfort (aka Wolf of Wall Street). She reinforces how trust is so important for your relationship when taking big leaps of faith.

Sasha touches on what it’s like to manage staff. How he puts them at the forefront and strives to be a great leader to set an example for his team.

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