Leap of Faith

DANNY VORHAUER I Bringing Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water elements into business

February 10, 2021 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
DANNY VORHAUER I Bringing Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water elements into business
Show Notes

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Today we go live with Executive High-Performance Coach, Danny Vorhauer! This guy is an absolute MACHINE - He currently runs 12 businesses, is based in Melbourne and doesn't seem to age!

Danny’s story just absolutely blows my mind… to think this guy essentially took over his dad's business at the age 16 is phenomenal!  His keen sense of observation enabled him to turn his dad’s business around within 3 months! 

When recounting his childhood, his independence and drive was evident when he saved up for a caravan and moved out of the house into the backyard at the age of 12. But not too long after that, Danny proceeded to purchase his first house at the ripe age of 17! 
He’s now built one of his businesses from $9,000 over 7 years to a whopping $50Mil!!!  

During our discussion Danny provides insight to how he manages staff using his own process called ‘The Master Technician System’.  The impact of culture change can be be somewhat disruptive to a company. However, this strategy revolutionised the productivity of his employees, created trust and accountability.  Danny explains that what most business owners fail to realise is the importance of providing a culture to incentivise staff to produce, rather than carrying-out the traditional method of micro-managing and controlling their staff.  

He also explains how knowing the personality types and measuring HOW the person thinks through Face Reading has been beneficial when hiring, his method of being less connected to self and more connected to his business and his team, how to ‘engineer flow’ in your life and ways to manage your mindset by shutting off the prefrontal cortex - where we see everything from the perspective of me, me, me.

To find out more, make sure you check this episode out! I guarantee you won’t regret it!


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