Leap of Faith

MIRIAM TER BORG I A time for deep healing with intention and plant nutrition

February 24, 2021 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
MIRIAM TER BORG I A time for deep healing with intention and plant nutrition
Show Notes

Today we go live with Miriam Ter Borg, creator and director of Sol Cleanse who deliver organic juice cleanses to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

Miriam was raised by a nutritionist and her childhood consisted of nutritious  organic food, yoga and legumes, way before it became popular!  Miriam’s background gave her a headstart in knowledge, nurturing her transition to becoming an entrepreneur.  Miriam didn’t just stop there! She also completed a degree in Psychology and became a fully qualified life coach.

All of these components comprise a fully-fledged service along with her business partner, Larissa Cunningham, when consulting clients who want to make their health a priority.

Miriam shares her realisation of the importance of ‘being in service’ to a person, rather than having the narrow mindset of just trying to make a sale. We also discuss how having the ‘right intention’ influences the overall development of their products - producing their juices and organic whole food meal packs with the right energy as a happy team.


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