Leap of Faith

FRANKIE LEE I Public Relations - The Gateway To A Hero's Journey

August 17, 2021 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
FRANKIE LEE I Public Relations - The Gateway To A Hero's Journey
Show Notes

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the youngest WBO World Title level boxing coaches in the United Kingdom, Frankie Lee.

This dapper bloke grew up in Peterborough, but 2014 had different plans for Frankie.  He decided to change his whole life and moved to the 'land down under, Australia.  Leaving everything he knew, friends and family, he had his sights set on an entirely different future for himself.

His quest to open his mind to a different sense of programming was ignited when he was no longer happy with settling for the mundane.  His biggest leap of faith was empowered by the one-way ticket booked to Australia. Yep! Frankie quit his job being a carpenter and set out to do the things that 'lit him up'.  He didn't understand or plan how to do it... but he somehow just made it happen and did it anyway.

Frankie's mindset was to take on different perspectives in life, meet new people, which flipped his direction and success in a way that was beyond his expectations.  He soon discovered the importance of manifestation, setting goals, and how we as humans are doing ourselves the ultimate disservice and setting our sites too low with what was want to achieve in life.

Through changing his life, Frankie grew his love for helping those around him.  He used his legendary skills to remove content for female friends who were being unfairly targeted from previous partners and relationships.  The result? ContentRemoval.com... his own company was started at the ripe age of 27. 

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