Leap of Faith

PEDRO SILVA I Dodging the pitfalls of crypto to set yourself up for a prosperous future

November 19, 2021 Sasha Karabut
Leap of Faith
PEDRO SILVA I Dodging the pitfalls of crypto to set yourself up for a prosperous future
Show Notes

Ever want to know how to grow your wealth through Crypto? 
Well, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of the youngest fund managers in the world!

Meet Pedro Silva, a young entrepreneur from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Pedro is a portfolio manager at the Crypto Forest Fund, and also the founder of an investment education company, Mars Crypto.  

Pedro spread his wings and moved across the world, leaving his family in Brazil, and made his own way making a living as a bartender in Sydney, Australia.  The struggles of working his way through a top university studying Mechanical Engineering sparked the fire within to succeed no matter the cost. 

Yet, despite following his logical thought process, and taking all the ‘right’ steps that were leading to becoming a future CEO, Pedro felt that he was not happy in life. 

After spending time researching, he made the risky decision to utilize the little funds saved to invest into crypto… he saw the potential, and decided to either ‘sink or swim’.  

The economic stability in Brazil was at an all-time low. But Pedro believed that he could still make a difference and believed he could build himself a better, more financially secure life and borrowed money from his parents that was put aside for one semester's tuition. 

He firmly believed in his heart and soul that he wasn’t going to accomplish his dreams unless he stepped up and ‘placed his bets on the table’.  Pedro shares how the highs and lows of moving through his chosen path, facing loss… and pulling ‘magic tricks’ out in moments of desperation led him to achieve the success of making back money lost, and almost doubling it!

This ‘Leap of Faith’ showed him that standing apart and not following the sheep mentality made him stand apart from the crowd. His mission now? 
Providing good financial education to those who want to learn about investing and setting themselves up for a more prosperous future.

How? Press play to find out the...

  • Pitfalls to avoid when investing funds into Crypto, and 
  • Learn where to find his ‘Independent Investment Imprint’ course.

“You can start building your future for as little as $1k”

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