The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

Medical Shakespeare

October 14, 2022 Lisa Ann Goldsmith and Owen Thompson Season 3 Episode 62
The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"
Medical Shakespeare
Show Notes

Pustules and chancres and ague and belching,
Carbuncles, dropsy, kyphosis, and felching....

Okay, that last one wasn't Shakespeare per se, but it fucking rhymes!!!

On today's episode, we go through all the lovely medical terms in Elizabethan times and Shakespeare plays.

Got your tissues and puke bags handy?? You're gonna need 'em.  Enjoy!!

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Episode Sources:

Years and years of experience with Shakespeare from two - scratch that, SIX!!! -  rather opinionated theatre professionals, you dicks!!!!  And cunts. (Owen insisted we add this.)

Many, many, many books.

And the inter webs :)