The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

Marry, Fuck, Kill! Shakespeare

November 25, 2022 Season 3 Episode 65
The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"
Marry, Fuck, Kill! Shakespeare
Show Notes

So... you know that game people play where you give someone three names of either famous people, or people you both know, or historical characters, etc., and you have to pick the one who you'd marry, the one who you'd fuck, and the one who you'd kill out of the three?

Yeah, that game. 

Except we play it with Shakespeare characters!!!

It's a blast. Check it out!!! 

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Episode Sources:

Years and years of experience with Shakespeare from two - scratch that, SIX!!! -  rather opinionated theatre professionals, you dicks!!!!  And cunts. (Owen insisted we add this.)

Many, many, many books.

And the inter webs :)