The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"

Birthplace Shakespeare!

February 03, 2023 Lisa Ann Goldsmith and Owen Thompson Season 3 Episode 70
The Bardcast: "It's Shakespeare, You Dick!"
Birthplace Shakespeare!
Show Notes


For us anyway!!! 

Did you know that Shakespeare grew up with gallons and gallons of urine and manure in his back yard??

Or that his dad ran a brisk business out of the front window while little Will was sleeping upstairs (before he went bankrupt, that is)??

Or that he and his knocked up wife had to live with his parents after they got hitched - shotgun wedding style - because young Billy Boy had flies and nothing else coming out of his wallet??

Neither did we! (Ok, we knew some of that, but this IS a Shakespeare podcast, you dicks!!)

It’s all true though!! Have a listen!! We’re off to grab a pint!!

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Episode Sources:

Years and years of experience with Shakespeare from two  rather opinionated theatre professionals, you dicks!!!! And Don and Leda.

History, you rapscallion bastards!!!