Carry on Camping & What is Home?

April 18, 2021 Kathryn Smith Season 1 Episode 12
Carry on Camping & What is Home?
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Rosie Butler shares her truthbook about what really went on behind the scenes of what looked like an idyllic family camping trip, being a third culture child, having a natural affinity with swans and the desire to be independent from her family, just for a week...

Rosie is a fellow Brit in Penguin, Tasmania, hence we became instant friends. I asked Rosie to come on Truthbook after she shared a photo of a family camping trip, that looked awesome but later over a coffee, she told me what really happened...

Rosie also has a lot going on behind the scenes. At the age of 16 after, she decided to leave her parent’s home in Dubai and go to boarding school in Durham, England, to repatriate her roots.  After some colourful boarding school and uni antics she passed Occupational Therapy with a 1st. At the age of 21, she decided she was going to live in Australia. Tasmania offered the best job & visa opportunities, so she found herself living in a wee town called Penguin, (that we both now call home). Shortly after arriving in Tassie, she met Andrew, her now husband, who she has two children with, aged 5 and 3. Having had enough of working for health services, and with her ability to make bold decisions, in 2018 she set up her own OT private practice; Penguin OT. And her physio husband has recently joined this business- Penguin Physio! ( folk from Penguin love their town name and name everything after it!). 


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