How could you potentially save the hearing of someone with sudden-onset hearing loss?
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How could you potentially save the hearing of someone with sudden-onset hearing loss?
May 10, 2024 Season 2 Episode 5
Red Whale

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Grab your trainers, your dog lead or a cuppa and join us for some free CPD as we have another relaxed round up of recent Red Whale primary care Pearls of wisdom. This month, Nik and Caroline discuss: 

  • Acute prostatitis: is it the last stand for the floxacins?!
  • Adenomyosis: demystifying the condition behind the headlines. How would you diagnose it?
  • A diagnosis no one wants to miss… cancer in children and young people. What are the key presentations?
  • When does hearing loss warrant an urgent assessment? How could you potentially save someone’s hearing?

All of the above questions, and more, will be answered during the episode. Listen as soon as you can to ensure you have full access to all the free resources. 

And hear a best intentions story that highlights that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to lifestyle medicine!!

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