Dreaming the Ancestors

Matriarchal Womb Medicine ~ Naomi Love

April 15, 2021 Tara Wild Episode 12
Dreaming the Ancestors
Matriarchal Womb Medicine ~ Naomi Love
Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Naomi Love, creator of Wise Womb Medicine Path. We talk about some of the ways that intergenerational womb trauma is passed down through the matriarchal lineage and how to identify some of these patterns. We also talk about how to discover our innate womb medicine, along with the importance of ritual and ancestral womb wisdom. Naomi also offers a short guided journey for you to connect with your womb, and insight about the impact of womb healing in your life and for future generations.

To register for Naomi's free 3-day Wise Womb Healing Retreat (May 7th-May 9th, 2021) please visit: https://www.wisewombmedicinepath.com/wise-womb-virtual-retreat

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