89 - New Tequila Coming to Town!
Poised for Exit
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Poised for Exit
89 - New Tequila Coming to Town!
Mar 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 89
Julie Keyes

New Tequila Coming to Town!

Back in December of 2020, we featured Nicole Anthony on the show to tell us about her start up "COYABLU Premium Tequila Cocktails".  Today, we caught up with her and one of her equity partners, Nicki Vincent. They've made quite the leap in progress over the past 15 months, despite setbacks from the pandemic and the supply chain!

COYABLU is hard at work expanding their investor base, growing their fan base, and opening in 3 hot markets: MN, AZ, So. Cal, FL and NY!

In addition to planning rapid growth, they're also expanding the flavors of their cocktails and plan to launch one new flavor every month

There are only 4 ingredients in every cocktail, which also boasts zero sugar, zero carb, and Keto friendly. What else could we ask for?

Their growth has been well thought out and planned, utilizing the expertise of a varied group of professionals with backgrounds and skill sets which have proven to be complementary and cohesive. These people mean (and know) business and their investors love that! 

Look for COYABLU to become available in high end liquor stores, hotels, and casinos in May of 2022

Listen to the entire 20 min interview now.

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