30 - Cybersecurity & Enterprise Value go Hand in Hand
Poised for Exit
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Poised for Exit
30 - Cybersecurity & Enterprise Value go Hand in Hand
Jan 06, 2021 Season 1 Episode 30
Julie Keyes

Today's episode featured CEO, Tyler Olson, owner of Shyld Academy, a firm who specializes in cybersecurity education for businesses and their employees. 

Did you know that 95% of all Data Breaches are caused by individuals in your company who 'don't know any better' and don't understand the basics of cyber security?  Even home offices are being hacked and many people mistakenly think that it's OK not to change the default password it came with. 

Another common mistake people make is to use the same passwords for all of their devices and accounts, or easy ones to remember. "It will never happen to me" or " I've got a designated IT manager" are some of the comments owners make. As the saying goes: "There are companies who have been breached and know about it and companies breached who are not aware of it yet". In other words, all companies get breached at some point

What are you doing about safeguarding the Nest Egg of your business? Tyler recommends several key action steps you can take to secure your data, your systems, and your IP.  To learn more about Tyler's essential cybersecurity recommendations and educational programs, listen to this episode now.

Find Tyler here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylermolson/
Find Julie here: https://www.poisedforexit.com/

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