Comic Books and Cold Ones

Boogity Books & Beer-tober: DC/Marvel 1st Crossover- the Rutland Halloween Parade

October 30, 2020 K-Mac and Yek Episode 8
Comic Books and Cold Ones
Boogity Books & Beer-tober: DC/Marvel 1st Crossover- the Rutland Halloween Parade
Show Notes

KMac and Yek talk another tale of comicverse spookiness.  The site of the first ever DC/Marvel crossover: the annual Rutland, Vermont Halloween parade.  This tale has them all: the Avengers, JLA, Defenders, Web-slinger Lad, DC Havok!  Crack open your favorite fall beer and enjoy the show!

The Beginnings 

  • Avengers #83 (Dec. 1970): Tom Fagan invites the Avengers along with Roy & Jeannie Thomas to Vermont’s second biggest town for its 11th Annual Halloween Parade! Avengers vs the Masters of Evil & that cement gun. Maybe the Liberators can help! Who? That’s right, wenches! 
  • Batman #237 (Dec. 1971):  Dick Grayson & his DC  buddies (Alan Weiss, Gerry Conway & Bernie Wrightson) gots to check out the 12th Annual Parade. Too bad some Nazis hot for Nazi gold have other ideas. Batman is hot on the trail to stop them & a vengeful Grim Reaper. Is that Denny O’Neil talking to normal hammer Thor? 
  • Marvel Feature #2 (Mar. 1972): Some cultists want to bring Dormammu to play at the 12th An. Parade. Can the Defenders with a Mr. Spock Namor stop them so Fagan’s party goes on? 

The First DC/Marvel Cross-Over 

Follow the multi-verse adventures of DC & Marvel Creators: Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway, Len Wein, & Glynis “Supergirl/Powergirl” Wein (nee Oliver). (Numbers show the real time reading order)

  • Thor #206 (Dec. 1972): (1: All Pg.) Absorbing man gets zapped back to life and dragged  to Rutland with Thor, Sif, and Hildegarde in pursuit. Is that Loki petting Tom Fagan’s dogs, Satan and Diablo. 
  • Amazing Adventures #16 (Jan. 1973): (3: Pg. 1-6; 6: Pg. 7-9; 8: Pg. 10-14; 12: Pg:15-18 15: Pg. 19-20)  Beast gets stuck in Rutland for the 13th An. Parade. Too bad someone conjures Juggernaut to crush floats!
  • Justice League of America #103 (Dec. 1972):(2: Pg. 1-7; 5: Pg. 8-9; 9: Pg. 10-16; 11: Pg. 17-19; 13: Pg. 20-21; 16: Pg. 23)  Phantom Stranger leads the JLA to Rutland. Will Felix Faust with Commando America & Norse Thunder God knock off the JLA ? 
  • Thor #207 (Jan. 1973): (4: Pg. 1-3, 7: Pg. 4-8; 10: 9-14, 14: Pg. 15-20; 17: Pg. 21)  Absorbing Man fights Thor through Rutland's forests in a set up for Loki to make the Firesword! Ach, blinded by the lightning! 


  • Avengers #119 (Jan. 1974): Looks like the 14th An. Parade will go on. Can the Avengers “collect” all their treats instead of tricks? Hey Fagan, take care of my blind, dumb Loki for me. 
  • Thor #232 (Feb. 1975): Loki swaps out his bedroom spot at Fagan’s for local Bunker. No more portal?
  • Justice League #145 (Aug. 1977): Count Crystal wants to collect JLA souls for Azgore in Rutland outside the Halloween season. Looks like the Phantom Stranger closes off the portal for good. 

Spoilers: Does Loki = Felix Faust? What's Dormammu really knows? Can Len Wein eat more hamburgers than Fat Superman? 

Graham Cracker Sammich, Troubled Waters Brewing, Safety Harbor, FL
Style: Porter, 8.4% ABV
KMAC Rating: 5 out of 5

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