ER Docs and Crucial Talks

Cases from the ER - Better to be Lucky than Good

September 07, 2022 Raj Kalsi & Cullen Kehoe Season 1 Episode 30
ER Docs and Crucial Talks
Cases from the ER - Better to be Lucky than Good
Show Notes

Welcome back!

Tonight we have for you three  great cases from the emergency department. It's been a while since we've done a case series, and back by popular demand are these cases that will hopefully put you in the cockpit of our lives in the war against illness that we fight every day as ER physicians.

Cullen and Raj contemplate these cases in depth and discuss the nuances of human bias, making critical decisions with limited data, managing patient expectations amidst life and death, and simply understanding an age old concept in the emergency department which is that it's sometimes better to be lucky than to be good.  Do you know how you will react in critical situation when you are physically and mentally stressed?  Is there anything you can do to promote the best outcome?  Let's discuss and find out.

We discuss Maverick, the second installment of the revered movie Top Gun, and get into some of the nostalgia that that movie brought to us and some other works of film and TV drama (ER) that brought us nostalgia in the past few weeks. (Danger zone!!!)

We are locked and loaded, so please buckle in for some turbulence as we get into it up in the skies!

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