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The Fear Factor - Conquering your Fear

November 20, 2022 Raj Kalsi & Cullen Kehoe Season 1 Episode 31
ER Docs and Crucial Talks
The Fear Factor - Conquering your Fear
Show Notes

What do you fear?  Do you have a top 3?  Do you recall the last time you truly felt real fear, and perhaps you even thought your life was at stake?

Tonight Cullen and Raj will discuss fear:  its physiological and evolutionary origins, its purpose, and of course its downfalls.  They'll discuss strategies they personally use to navigate out of the fearful experience and also how they deal with panic and anxiety.

Additionally each will discuss their own case where fear nearly derailed them from achieving success.  Cullen discusses his recent trip to Yosemite National Park where he climbed Mount Hoffman and had a harrowing experience.

If you or a loved one suffers from panic or anxiety, please seek professional help.  This episode is not intended to advise anyone medically or treat any condition.

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Mount Hoffman Climb:

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