ER Docs and Crucial Talks

Hanlon's Razor and When the Patient Says "Doc, let me go."

September 12, 2023 Raj Kalsi & Cullen Kehoe Season 2 Episode 4
ER Docs and Crucial Talks
Hanlon's Razor and When the Patient Says "Doc, let me go."
Show Notes

Welcome back.

Tonight, the guys discuss the philosophical rule, Hanlon's Razor (link below), and its implications on how we can perceive and misperceive the world around us and/or the people around us. 

Have you ever felt everyone was out to get you?  Have you ever felt the world was conspiring against you?  Have you ever felt that if people would just listen to you then your life would be so much better?

This may be the episode for you. We will deconstruct Hanlon's Razor, apply it to a heavy case from the emergency department involving life or death we and see what we can do to help eradicate some of the feelings that we may feel that push us away from the people around us due to simply a lack of awareness or consideration of an alternative explanation for what is going on.

Also the guys touch on David Foster Wallace's speech, "This is Water" and how he effectively communicates similar concepts.  Two people can have the same physical experience but come away from it with two totally different perceptions and opinions about the experience - and both people can be right. 


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